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Imperial Slotted Spring Pins.

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Imperial Slotted Spring Pins

What are Imperial Slotted Spring Pins?

Imperial Slotted Spring Pins, a mechanical fastener distinctively categorised within the roll pin and tension pin domain, feature a hollow, cylindrical design with a longitudinal slot. These components, meticulously engineered for precision assemblies, are highly regarded for their capacity to retain alignment between several elements by resisting rotational and lateral movement.

How Imperial Slotted Spring Pins Work.

The functional principle of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins is fundamentally reliant on the physics of compression and friction. These pins are incorporated into an undersized hole, causing the pin to compress. Once inserted, the pin's innate tension exerts an outward radial force against the wall of the hole. This mechanism, coupled with the pin’s surface roughness, introduces sufficient friction to prevent the pin from displacing, thereby securing the assembly. This inherent self-retention capability is particularly beneficial for high-vibration applications where other fastening methods may fail.

What Material Are Imperial Slotted Spring Pins Made From?.

Imperial Slotted Spring Pins in Accu's portfolio are meticulously crafted from 420 stainless steel, a material that is lauded in the engineering world for its unique combination of strength and corrosion resistance. This variant of stainless steel is particularly characterised by its high carbon content, enhancing its hardness and making it an excellent candidate for manufacturing robust, high-performance components. The properties of 420 stainless steel make our Imperial Slotted Spring Pins durable, resilient, and capable of withstanding a variety of demanding applications.

What Size and Type of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins Are Available?.

Accu's inventory of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins is engineered to address diverse engineering requisites. We offer an extensive range of pin diameters, from finer sizes suitable for intricate mechanical assemblies, to larger diameters designed to handle greater shear strengths in heavy-duty applications. Both metric slotted spring pins and imperial dimensions are available to adhere to specific industry requirements.


Q: How does the design of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins contribute to their functionality?.

A: The slotted, hollow design of these pins allows them to compress as they are inserted into a hole. Upon release, they exert outward pressure, effectively locking themselves within the assembly, making them indispensable for securing components in high-vibration environments.

Q: Can Imperial Slotted Spring Pins sustain high-load applications?.

A: Indeed. Pins made from high-carbon spring steel are recognised for their excellent tensile strength, allowing them to withstand considerable shear forces, making them suitable for high-load applications.

Q: How do I determine the appropriate installation force for Imperial Slotted Spring Pins?.

A: The installation force depends on the pin's size and the hardness of the material into which it's being inserted. It is generally recommended to use controlled force, such as from a press, to avoid deformation of the pin.

Q: Are there specific conditions that can adversely affect the performance of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins?.

A: Although these pins are highly durable, severe corrosive environments, or excessive shear loads beyond the pin's material properties, can potentially compromise their performance.

Q: What is the advantage of choosing Accu's Imperial Slotted Spring Pins?.

A: At Accu, we ensure that each pin is crafted with precision, offering consistent dimensional accuracy and superior material properties. Moreover, our wide range caters to diverse engineering needs, from delicate precision assemblies to demanding industrial applications.

Bespoke Imperial Slotted Spring Pins Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Slotted Spring Pins to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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