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Kinmar® Permanent Nuts.

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Kinmar® Permanent Nuts

What are Kinmar® Permanent Nuts?

A patented one-way nut, designed to provide the ultimate high security solution, Kinmar Permanent Nuts are a tamper proof nut by Hafren Security Fasteners. Requiring a matching driver socket for installation, this security fastener gives guaranteed torque levels and, if required, can be re-torqued if loosened due to harsh vibrations.

Unlike its removable 2-way counterpart, the Kinmar Permanent Nut will not remove, even when using the matching Kinmar Permanent Driver Socket. This means that the driver socket will not engage and will slip off if turned in an anti-clockwise motion.

Common applications for Kinmar Permanent Nuts include use on playgrounds, public installations and outdoor furniture. These anti tamper nuts are intended to prevent crime, protect against liability or insurance claims and keep the public safe.  They are often used as a superior alternative to Shear Nuts as they aren’t governed by a shear point and leave no unplated surfaces whilst offering a smart, clean finish.

The Kinmar Permanent drive is also available in an anti theft bolt form in our range of Kinmar Permanent Security Bolts and is compatible with the same driver socket tool. This one way security bolt can be purchased in either M8 x 25mm or M8 x 40mm sizes, with a Case Hardened Steel Zinc Plated or Geomet® finish.

For a 2-Way Security Nut variant, designed to be an aesthetically pleasing and extremely versatile removable security nut, see our range of Kinmar Removable Nuts.


Kinmar® Permanent Nuts are stocked by Accu in a number of materials, including A2 Stainless Steel and Case Hardened Steel, available with either a Bright Zinc Plated (Cr3) or a Geomet® 500B finish. The Stainless Steel variants can also be supplied with a Chemi-black finish.

For availability of other materials, please contact our team.


Accu’s range of Kinmar Permanent Nuts are available in metric thread diameters M5 to M12.

Bespoke Kinmar® Permanent Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Kinmar® Permanent Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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