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Security Nuts.

Security Nuts

What are Security Nuts?

Security Nuts represent a pivotal frontier in fastening technology. They feature unique geometries which prevent unauthorised disassembly by using non-standard tool profiles, making them indispensable for high-security applications.

As part of the Security Bolts and Nuts range, they are designed to maintain mechanical integrity under conditions of intentional tampering. Accu's range of Security Nuts is often employed in sectors such as telecommunications, transport infrastructure, and high-value manufacturing due to their inherent resilience against unauthorised interference.

How Security Nuts Work.

The working methodology of secure Tamper-resistant Nuts is an amalgamation of mechanical intricacy and anti-theft design. Unlike a conventional Nut, a Security Nut isn't compatible with standard tooling and instead necessitates the use of a corresponding driver. The unique engagement interface of these Tamper Proof Nuts makes them inherently resistant to unscrewing or prying.

A typical example might be the Shear Nut, a class of Anti Tamper Nuts that incorporate a basic yet specialised system where the part of the Nut which interfaces with tooling breaks off once a certain torque has been achieved leaving a blank button head which becomes difficult to remove without destroying the Nut itself.

What Material Security Nuts Are Made From.

Tamper Proof Nuts are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions, and as such, are made from premium materials. Our range includes case-hardened steel, A2, and A4 grade stainless steel for enhanced tensile strength and exceptional corrosion resistance, respectively.

What Size and Type Security Nuts Are Available.

Accu's portfolio encompasses an array of Security Nuts to address a myriad of application requirements. From the compact M3 for delicate electronic devices to the robust M20 for rigorous industrial assemblies, our catalogue is designed to fulfil diverse specifications. As for types, we offer an extensive range of popular brands such as Kinmar Removable and Permanent Nuts, all manufactured to precision tolerances.


Q: What are the most secure nuts?.

A: The highest level of security in fastening technology is shown by designs that don't follow traditional tool use. Security Nuts like the Kinmar Permanent Nut or the Scroll Nut feature unique geometries that require custom-matched tools for their operation, thereby enhancing their resistance against tampering.

Q: How do you remove tamper-proof nuts?.

A: The removal process of Tamper Proof Nuts typically involves a dedicated Security Nut removal tool that matches the specific design of the Nut. It's worth noting that certain Secure Nuts, such as the Shearing type, are designed for permanent installation and thus, their removal may compromise the integrity of the assembly. Always follow the manufacturer's guidance on how to remove Security Nuts to avoid any potential damage.

Q: Can security nuts withstand harsh environments?.

A: Definitely. Security Nuts composed of A4 stainless steel demonstrate superior resilience against corrosive elements, making them ideally suited for external or harsh environmental installations.

Q: What tools do I need to operate security nuts?.

A: The requisite tooling for a Security Nut is dictated by its design. While some may require a standard hex socket, others such as the Scroll brand Nuts will necessitate a customised driver. It is crucial to ensure that you have the correct tool compatible with your chosen Nut before commencing installation.

Q: Does Accu provide flexibility in quantity orders for tamper-resistant nuts?.

A: Absolutely, Accu understands that each project's requirement varies. Therefore, we offer the convenience of ordering in any quantity, whether you need a single Tamper Resistant Nut or a bulk order running into thousands, we cater to every demand with precision and promptness.

Bespoke Security Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Security Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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