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Concrete Screws.

Concrete Screws

What are Concrete Screws?

Concrete Screws are highly specialised self-tapping fasteners with high tensile strength. Designed for load-bearing screwing in concrete, brick, or blockwork substrates, Concrete Screw Bolts feature a hardened, high-grade carbon steel body and a notched thread design. This ensures excellent load-carrying capacity and resistance to vibrational loosening, making them the quintessential Concrete Fixing Screws.

How To Use Concrete Screws.

Knowing how to use Concrete Screws involves understanding the mechanism of Self-Tapping Concrete Screws and appreciating the ingenious design that allows them to create a secure bond with concrete. As the Screw is driven into a pre-drilled hole, the thread’s sharp, self-tapping notches cut into the concrete, creating a reliable, interference fit. This process eliminates the need for a separate tap or Rawl Plug and reduces the likelihood of the hole being stripped, providing a robust solution for screwing in concrete.

What Material Concrete Screws Are Made From.

The durability and effectiveness of Self-Tapping Screws for concrete lie in the hardy materials used in their manufacture. Crafted predominantly from high-grade carbon steel for corrosion resistance, the Screws are further hardened to ensure they can withstand the demanding conditions of masonry work. For enhanced corrosion resistance, Accu's range of Concrete Screw Bolts are available with a choice of a galvanized steel coating, or yellow zinc plated each creating a far more demanding Concrete Fastener when compared to stainless steel Concrete Screws.

What Size and Type of Concrete Screws Are Available?.

Accu offers a diverse selection of fixings designed to screw into concrete in a variety of sizes and head types. From small 5mm diameter Screws for lighter applications to larger 10mm diameters for heavy-duty masonry work, our Concrete Screw Bolts are designed to suit a broad range of fastening requirements. Head types range from Flat Countersunk Heads for flush fitting, to Hex Heads for high-torque installations. We also provide a choice of drive types, ranging between Hex Head or Torx.

At Accu, we provide precision engineering components for diverse applications. Whether you require a single Screw for concrete or a large quantity for an industrial project, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality fasteners that meet your specific needs.


Q: Can you screw directly into concrete?.

A: Yes, Concrete Screws are specifically designed to screw in concrete without any additional fixing accessories. However, a pilot hole must be drilled first. The pilot hole size should match the intended screw size to ensure optimum thread engagement and load capacity. We recommend using a hammer drill and bit with a carbide tip to make sure the pilot hole provides the best fixing possible.

Q: What screws to use in concrete?.

A: Concrete Screws, part of our Masonry Fixings range, are the best choice to screw into concrete directly, owing to their unique thread design and hardened construction that ensures high load capacity and pull-out resistance.

Q: Do you need to drill a hole for concrete screws?.

A: Yes, a correctly sized pilot hole must be drilled into the concrete block to ensure successful installation of the Screw. This hole allows the self-tapping Concrete Screws to scribe their thread effectively into the brickwork, providing a secure anchor.

Q: What concrete screws don’t need plugs?.

A: All Concrete Fixing Screws available from Accu are self-tapping and do not require Plugs or Anchors. The notched threads are designed to cut into the concrete, forming their own mating threads and ensuring a tight and secure fit.

Bespoke Concrete Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Concrete Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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