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Masonry Anchors.

Masonry Anchors

What are Masonry Anchors?

Designed for general purpose fastening applications within substrates including brick, stone and concrete, the Thunderbolt range has made a name for itself as the original all-metal self tapping Masonry Anchor.

Also commonly referred to as a concrete bolt, this premium quality masonry fixing has become a favoured solution for builders thanks to its design as a one-piece through fixing.

Installation of Thunderbolt Masonry Anchors is fast and simple, with the undercutting action of the self tapping thread offering a secure, positive anchorage with no expansion forces. As a result, this means that this type of anchor does not require resin or a wall plug, making it a cost effective solution.

Accu can supply Masonry Anchors in various materials and head types, including a Hex Head and Flanged option, offering dependable fixing into a range of substrates.

Torx Masonry Screws.

Accu also lists both Torx Pan Head and Torx Countersunk Masonry Anchors within its standard range, this popular drive type affords higher torque transmission over traditional drives, making it a suitable choice for fixtures where a smooth or flush screw head type is preferred.


As standard, these components are available in Yellow Zinc Plated Steel in drill diameters of 5mm to 16mm and lengths of 30mm to 200mm.

Accu can also supply Masonry Anchors in Galvanised Steel, offering an increased level of corrosion resistance for applications within coastal, industrial and marine environments.

Bespoke Masonry Anchors Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Masonry Anchors to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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