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Torx Drive Screws.

Torx Drive Screws

What are Torx Drive Screws?

Torx screws, also known as Torx drive screws, are renowned for their six-pointed star-shaped pattern which corresponds with the Torx screw head. This design ensures a higher torque transmission with reduced cam-out, making Torx screws particularly popular in applications where driving stability is paramount. These fasteners are a go-to choice for professionals and hobbyists alike working in the automotive industry with Torx screws for cars, aerospace, electronics and all other disciplines that require precise installation.

How Torx Screws Work.

The unique Torx head screw design allows the Torx screwdriver tip to engage more securely, distributing the torque evenly across each point in the screw head. The distinctive Torx screw head is specifically engineered to prevent cam-out thereby providing an enhanced grip during the fastening process and allowing for more precise tightening torques. This makes the Torx drive screw a reliable and efficient component in precision assembly across all types of workpieces.

What Material Torx Screws Are Made From.

The durability of Torx screws is attributed to the robust materials they are crafted from. Ranging from A2 & A4 Stainless Steel for standard and marine applications, respectively, to advanced plastics like PEEK, RENY, and PPS for specialized uses requiring corrosion resistance. High-strength options like Bumax 88 are also available where the load-bearing nature of the screw is paramount. Additional finishes such as AccuBlack chemical blackening for achieving black torx head screws and AccuLock thread locking patches are offered to enhance performance and aesthetics.

What Size and Type of Torx Screws Are Available.

Torx screw sizes vary to suit diverse industrial requirements, with the smallest thread size starting at M1.6 and the largest at M12, additionally, the lengths available for these thread sizes vary from 2mm to 150mm long. Accu's extensive selection encompasses various types of Torx screw heads, including the popular cap and button head, to countersunk variants. Whether for delicate electronics or heavy machinery, there's a size and type to meet every engineer's need.

For projects necessitating different fastening designs, similar products like Hex Screws and Phillips Head Screws provide alternative solutions, ensuring you find the exact match for your specifications.


Q: What are Torx screws used for?.

A: Torx screws are utilized in a multitude of applications where precise torque application is crucial, such as in the automotive, electronics, and construction sectors. They can often be seen used as laptop screws, often on the underside of a Macbook or on the other end of the spectrum, their countersunk variants are used on fighter jet bodies.

Q: What is the difference between Torx and star bits?.

A: While both feature a star-shaped appearance, The Torx screw head is a trademarked design optimized for torque transmission, whereas star bits may refer to a broader category of star-shaped screw drives that are a variant of Torx.

Q: Is Torx better than hex?.

A: While this is not black and white, Torx offers superior torque transmission and reduced cam-out compared to Hex, making them better for certain precision applications.

Q: What tool is similar to Torx?.

A: Allen keys or Hex bits are similar, though they provide a different drive geometry in the shape of a hexagon rather than the star lobe.

Q: Is Torx the best screw?.

A: While torx head screws are highly regarded for their efficiency and resistance to camming out, the "best" screw depends entirely on the specific requirements of the application.

Q: How do I know my Torx size?.

A: Torx screw sizes are typically matched up to an industry-standard drive bit size ranging from T1 to T100. In this case, the T stands for Torx and the number is purely an indication of size where 1 is the smallest and 100 is the largest.

Bespoke Torx Drive Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Torx Drive Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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