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Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers.

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Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers

What are Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers?

Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers are purpose-built to maintain axial tension and prevent fastening or connection looseness in bolted assemblies. Adhering to the Imperial unit of measurement, these washers provide a unique rectangular cross-section offering superior load-bearing capacity and resilience under repeated compressive cycles, primarily attributed to the enhanced elastic properties of their geometric design.

How Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers Work.

Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers function based on elastic deformation - a property enabled by their distinctive rectangular profile. Upon the application of an axial load, these washers deform, decreasing their height while expanding their outer diameter. This deformation results in a resilient force, counteracting the applied load and consequently maintaining tension in the assembly. This mechanism is pivotal in mitigating loosening induced by operational vibrations or variable dynamic loads within mechanical assemblies.

What Material Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers Are Made From.

Accu's Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers are fabricated from an assortment of robust materials, each tailored to specific environmental and operational conditions. Material options include A1, A2 and A4 Stainless Steel, known for their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for applications exposed to high humidity or marine environments.

What Size and Type Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers Are Available.

We provide an extensive variety of sizes ranging from 1/4" up to 1", ensuring we cater to your precise engineering requirements. For application-specific needs, we house a range of spring washers varying in material, finish, and mechanical properties.

Moreover, for those seeking to match their hardware aesthetics or reduce light reflection in sensitive applications, we provide a matte black finish option through our AccuBlack service. This service ensures your Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers not only perform optimally but also blend seamlessly with your other components, thereby maintaining a consistent, professional appearance across your assembly.


Q: What makes Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers superior to other washer types?.

A: The unique geometry of Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers offers superior load-bearing capacity and improved resilience to repeated compressive cycles. These properties make them a go-to choice for applications requiring persistent bolt tension, especially in settings prone to operational vibrations or fluctuating dynamic loads.

Q: Can these washers withstand outdoor environmental conditions?.

A: Yes, certain variants like our A2 and A4 Stainless Steel washers are designed to withstand corrosion, making them an ideal choice for applications exposed to outdoor or marine environments.

Q: What tooling is required for washer installation?.

A: Installation typically requires a bolt or screwdriver compatible with your assembly's fastening element and a wrench or socket that matches the nut's size.

Q: How do I determine the correct washer size for my application?.

A: The washer size should coincide with the diameter of the bolt or screw it's being used with. It's crucial to ensure the washer fits snugly beneath the bolt head or within the nut without excessive play or tightness.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for these washers?.

A: At Accu, we value each client's unique needs. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to order as few as a single Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washer or place a bulk order running into thousands, depending on your project's scale.

Bespoke Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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Imperial Rectangular Profile Spring Washers Reviews

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