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Imperial Internal Locking Washers.

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Imperial Internal Locking Washers

What are Imperial Internal Locking Washers?

Imperial Internal Locking Washers serve as a powerful tool in securing bolted assemblies. Characterised by their imperial sizing and radial inward-facing teeth, they are engineered to establish a secure fastening by digging into the substrate and the imperial bolt head or imperial nut. These washers play a pivotal role in preventing fastener loosening, a typical consequence of rotational movements or dynamic loads that are common in machinery and precision applications.

How Imperial Internal Locking Washers Work.

The operational principle of Imperial Internal Locking Washers hinges on their unique internal tooth design. When a bolt or screw is tightened, the teeth deflect downwards, establishing a ratchet-type action between the washer and the fastener. The washer's teeth bite into both the substrate and the bolt head or nut, establishing a high-resistance mechanical lock. Thus, these imperial washers perform as an anti-vibration device, ensuring a reliable and stable connection that can withstand high-frequency oscillations and dynamic loads.

What Material Imperial Internal Locking Washers Are Made From.

At Accu, we meticulously craft our Imperial Internal Locking Washers from A2 Stainless Steel. This austenitic, corrosion-resistant steel alloy combines iron, chromium, and nickel to offer superior mechanical properties and longevity. To further enhance both performance and aesthetics, we provide an additional AccuBlack finish, a matte black coating that provides an extra layer of corrosion resistance while adding an element of visual finesse to your assemblies.

What Size and Type Imperial Internal Locking Washers Are Available.

To fulfil a vast range of engineering requirements, Accu stocks Imperial Internal Locking Washers in sizes ranging from a compact thread size of 5/16 inch to a robust 1 inch. These washers, catering to the non-metric measurement systems prevalent in specific industries, are the perfect companions for Imperial Socket Screws. Moreover, for assemblies requiring metric specifications, Accu also provides a comprehensive range of Metric Internal Locking Washers.


Q: Why are Imperial Internal Locking Washers crucial in my assembly?.

A: Imperial Internal Locking Washers, with their radial inward-facing teeth, provide an effective mechanical lock that prevents bolt loosening from vibrations or dynamic loads. This ensures a long-lasting and stable connection in your assembly, thereby increasing overall performance and lifespan.

Q: Are Accu’s Imperial Internal Locking Washers corrosion-resistant?.

A: Yes. Accu’s Imperial Internal Locking Washers are made from A2 Stainless Steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance. For added protection and aesthetics, you can opt for our AccuBlack finish, a durable, non-reflective matte black finish.

Q: How do I choose the right size of Imperial Internal Locking Washers for my assembly?.

A: The correct washer size will align with the diameter of your bolt or screw. At Accu, we provide a range from 5/16 inch to 1 inch, catering to various assembly sizes and engineering needs.

Q: What other types of washers do Accu offer that might be suitable for my needs?.

A: Accu hosts a wide spectrum of washers such as Imperial Flat Washers, and Imperial Spring Washers, each designed to cater to different functional requirements. We also stock an extensive range of Metric Internal Locking Washers for projects using metric fasteners.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for Imperial Internal Locking Washers at Accu?.

A: No, Accu offers the flexibility to purchase as per individual needs, be it a single unit or a bulk order for thousands of Imperial Internal Locking Washers. We strive to deliver precision-engineered components tailored to your quantity requirements.

Bespoke Imperial Internal Locking Washers Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Internal Locking Washers to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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