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Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws.

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Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws

What are Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws?

Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws are precision-engineered components designed to facilitate frequent manual adjustments in various applications. These specialised fasteners boast a unique design feature - a knurled, thumb-shaped head that offers a firm grip, allowing for secure tightening and loosening by hand. Being fabricated from high-quality nylon plastic, these screws exhibit inherent corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, making them the choice for applications where metallic fasteners are unsuitable.

How Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws Work.

In action, Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws operate by threading into a pre-tapped hole or a threaded insert. Unlike traditional screws, these are primarily designed for manual operation. Their knurled exterior on the screw head offers a textured, grip-friendly surface, which enables the operator to easily adjust, tighten, or remove them by hand without the need for tools. This distinguishing feature makes Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws especially beneficial in precision-engineered applications requiring frequent component adjustments or tool-less assembly.

The slotted head of our Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws does allow for the use of a flat-head screwdriver when applying torque, however, caution must be taken so as to not over-tighten and risk stripping the head.

What Material Are Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws Made From?.

Crafted from high-performance thermoplastic polymers such as polyamide (nylon), our Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws are not just lightweight but also robust. These thermoplastics offer a unique blend of properties - excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation, ensuring that these screws deliver optimal performance even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

What Size and Type Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws Are Available?.

At Accu, we offer a comprehensive range of Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws in a variety of sizes ranging from M4 (4mm) to M6 (6mm) and lengths from 6mm to 20mm.  If you'd prefer a white finish to your plastic thumb screws, Accu also stocks a range of Reduced Diameter Plastic Thumb Screws which also have a more slimline appearance and would be ideal for scenarios where less torque is needed to fasten these screws.


Q: What advantages do Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws offer over traditional metal screws?.

A: Besides their unique design enabling tool-free adjustments, these screws are non-conductive and resistant to corrosion. These attributes make them particularly suitable for electronic applications and environments with corrosive agents.

Q: Can Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws withstand high-temperature environments?.

A: The temperature tolerance of Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws is largely dependent on the type of thermoplastic used. Please refer to the nylon technical specifications to determine its suitability for high-temperature applications.

Q: Do I need any specific tools for installing these thumb screws?.

A: A significant benefit of Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws is their tool-less installation. Their knurled, thumb-shaped head design facilitates easy hand operation.

Q: How do I select the correct size and thread type of thumb screw for my project?.

A: The ideal size and thread type would depend on the nature of your project, the components you're working with, and the load-bearing requirements. Accu's technical team can assist you in determining the best choice for your specific needs.

Q: Can I order a single unit of Plastic Knurled Thumb Screw from Accu?.

A: Yes, at Accu, we accommodate orders of all sizes, from individual units to large bulk orders, allowing us to cater to the varying needs of our diverse clientele.

Bespoke Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Plastic Knurled Thumb Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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