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Pozi Countersunk Screws.

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Pozi Countersunk Screws

What are Pozi Countersunk Screws?

Pozi countersunk screws are precision-engineered fasteners, characterized by a flat head that sits flush with the material surface once installed. The cross-like impression on the head is designed for the prevalent Pozi drive type which allows for ease of installation thanks to the auto-alignment of both screw and driver. Pozi countersunk screws are essential for applications where a smooth finish is required such as aircraft fuselage and tight tolerance moving machinery.

How Pozi Countersunk Screws Work.

The design of the countersunk Pozi screw enables them to be driven into materials with a countersunk tapped thread leaving a clean, level surface which reduces snagging and potential interference with other moving parts. The unique Pozi drive system minimizes the risk of slipping (cam-out) over other drive types such as slotted while providing greater control. This makes the single thread countersunk Pozi screw a reliable choice for precise and secure fastening.

What Material Pozi Countersunk Screws Are Made From.

Constructed from A2 & A4 Stainless Steel, our Pozi Countersunk Screws promise durability and resistance to corrosion in varied environments.

For additional protection and looks, finishes like AccuBlack chemical blackening are available which can reduce reflections and help blend in with a blacked-out aesthetic. In specific applications where vibrations are a known factor, AccuLock thread-locking patches can be applied to prevent loosening and also speed up installation if there are multiple to install.

What Size and Type Pozi Countersunk Screws Are Available.

Manufactured in accordance with DIN 965Z and available from a delicate M1.6 (1.6mm) thread size up to a robust M10 (10mm), these screws cater to a wide range of requirements. With lengths also spanning between the minuscule 2mm to a more lengthy 150mm, our range is sure to offer a solution to your fixings requirements. Whether you require a standard countersunk Pozi machine screw or specialized black countersunk Pozi screws for visual appeal, Accu's selection is the go-to for seasoned precision engineers.


Q: What differentiates a Pozi countersunk screw from other screw types?.

A: The countersunk Pozi screw is primarily designed for a flush surface finish thanks to its countersunk head. The main differentiator is its specialized Pozi drive that resists cam-out better than other drives such as slotted countersunk screws.

Q: Are Pozi countersunk screws suitable for outdoor use?.

A: Yes, especially those made from marine grade A4 stainless steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and is ideal for outdoor environments that will be exposed to the elements.

Q: Which materials can Pozi countersunk screws be used with?.

A: Countersunk Pozi machine screws are extremely versatile and can be used with a variety of materials, including wood, plastics and metal when paired with the appropriate pre-drilled and tapped hole.

Q: How do I select the correct Pozi countersunk screw for my application?.

A: Consider the material, required finish, environmental factors, the load the screw must bear and then most importantly the thread side and length you need. Our range from M1.6 to M10 and custom manufacturing options cater to various applications if you can't find an off-the-shelf size appropriate to your project.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for Pozi countersunk screws with Accu?.

A: No, at Accu we pride ourselves on supporting even the smallest innovator. You can order the exact number you need, from a single screw to several million.

Bespoke Pozi Countersunk Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Pozi Countersunk Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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