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Imperial Dowel Pins.

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Imperial Dowel Pins

What are Imperial Dowel Pins?

Imperial Dowel Pins are precision-machined cylindrical fasteners used predominantly in the engineering field. Their primary function is to retain parts in a fixed alignment or to maintain the positional accuracy of a machine assembly. The 'Imperial' descriptor alludes to the traditional British and American system of measurement, which quantifies the diameter, length and chamfer length in inches.

How Imperial Dowel Pins Work.

Imperial Dowel Pins operate as a fulcrum or a hinge around which machine components can rotate, or they serve as a fixed reference point to ensure consistent alignment. These pins are designed to be press-fitted into pre-drilled holes of mating components. By doing so, they effectively curtail lateral and rotational movements. The high dimensional accuracy of these dowel pins enables excellent assembly repeatability, providing a steadfast position each time a machine component is reassembled.

What Material Are Imperial Dowel Pins Made From?.

Accu's Imperial Dowel Pins are precision manufactured from premium grade stainless steel, specifically the A2 and A4 marine grade stainless steel variants. This material is selected for its exceptional attributes, including a high strength-to-weight ratio, superior corrosion resistance, and long-lasting durability, even under intense industrial wear and tear. Stainless steel dowel pins retain their mechanical properties even under fluctuating temperatures, making them a reliable choice for various applications.

What Size and Types of Imperial Dowel Pins Are Available?.

At Accu, we provide a wide array of Imperial Dowel Pins to accommodate diverse engineering needs. Sizes start from as small as 1/16 of an inch in diameter for applications necessitating intricate precision, up to robust 3/4 inch dowel pins for substantial assemblies. In terms of design, our product line also includes Imperial Slotted Spring Pins, preferred for their ease of assembly, and dome-ended versions, desired for aesthetic finishes and applications requiring low snagging potential.

Should you need Imperial Dowel Pins finished in matte black then our AccuBlack service is perfect. Providing a satin black stainless steel finish with less than 1 micron in tolerance, your pins will be able to blend in with any black assemblies seamlessly while also reducing any chance of reflection.


Q: What differentiates Imperial Dowel Pins from other alignment methods?.

A: Imperial Dowel Pins are revered for their precise alignment, consistent repeatability, and robust strength. The use of high-grade A2 and A4 marine-grade stainless steel guarantees their longevity and resistance to environmental conditions.

Q: Can these dowel pins withstand corrosive environments?.

A: Absolutely. The inherent corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel allow our Imperial Dowel Pins to function effectively in various environments, even those with significant exposure to corrosive agents.

Q: What equipment is required for dowel pin installation?.

A: Installation typically requires a dowel pin insertion tool or a soft mallet to press-fit the pin into the designated hole. It's crucial to ensure the hole diameters precisely correspond to the dowel pin dimensions for a secure fit.

Q: How can I determine the suitable dowel pin size for my application?.

A: The appropriate dowel pin size is primarily dictated by the pre-drilled hole dimensions in your components and the anticipated load-bearing requirements. Detailed engineering drawings and assembly blueprints are useful for this determination and if you have them to hand our dedicated specialists would be more than happy to provide product recommendations, just get in touch.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for these dowel pins?.

A: No, Accu prioritises flexibility in order quantities. Whether you require a single dowel pin for a prototype or thousands for mass production, we've got you covered.

Bespoke Imperial Dowel Pins Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Dowel Pins to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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