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Thin Nuts.

Thin Nuts

What are Thin Nuts?

Known in the engineering industry as Jam Nuts or Low Profile Hex Nuts, Thin Nuts are specifically designed fasteners that feature a diminished height compared to their standard hex nut counterparts. This thinner profile enables their deployment in confined spaces and in situations requiring a dual-nut arrangement where the space does not permit a second standard nut. Thin Nuts are adept at thwarting the unwelcome loosening of bolt-nut assemblies, primarily by locking onto the primary hex nut to resist vibrational or torsional forces.

How Thin Nuts Work.

Playing a pivotal role in bolted joints, Thin Nuts can be used as standalone low-profile hex nuts, or are strategically threaded onto a bolt post-application of the primary hex nut. This secondary act initiates a unique "jamming" scenario where the Thin Nut is torqued against the primary nut, thereby establishing a frictional grip that mitigates the risk of loosening. This technique is widely adopted across precision engineering sectors, including aerospace and automotive industries, where the robustness of bolt-nut assemblies is a non-negotiable necessity.

What Material Are Thin Nuts Made From?.

Ensuring top-tier performance and durability, our Thin Nuts are precision manufactured from high-strength materials. Stainless steel, available in A2 and A4 (marine-grade) variants, is typically utilised for its impressive corrosion resistance. Additional material options include brass, for good machinability and electrical conductivity, and mild steel for its malleability. Selection is often driven by application requirements such as expected load, environmental factors, and resistance to chemicals, oils, or high-temperature environments.

What Size and Type of Thin Nuts Are Available?.

We cater to a diverse spectrum of engineering requirements with Thin Nuts available in both Metric and Imperial size ranges. Small M1.6 or #1-8 Thin Nuts serve precise or delicate applications, whilst larger M20 or 19/16-18" sizes cater to applications demanding substantial load-bearing capacity. Type and finish variations include self-colour, zinc-plated, and matte black, each providing distinct characteristics such as anti-galling properties or enhanced corrosion resistance.

Our custom AccuBlack service offers a sophisticated black finish for those seeking an aesthetic blend with other black components or a non-reflective surface. In scenarios where exceptional resistance to vibrational loosening is required, we recommend considering our range of pre-applied thread-locking patches.


Q: How does a Thin Nut enhance assembly stability?.

A: Thin Nuts act as secondary lock nuts that provide a frictional resistance to prevent loosening of the primary hex nut under vibration or torsional loads. They are an essential component in safety-critical applications.

Q: Can Thin Nuts withstand outdoor environments?.

A: Certain materials, like A4 stainless steel, offer superior resistance to weathering and corrosion, making Thin Nuts made from these materials suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

Q: What tools are needed for Thin Nuts installation?.

A: Installation typically involves the use of a spanner or a socket wrench. Tool size should be congruent with the Thin Nut size for optimal load distribution and to avoid over-tightening.

Q: How to determine the right Thin Nut for my application?.

A: Consider factors like the strength requirement of your assembly, exposure to corrosive environments or extreme temperatures, and the available space for nut installation. The bolt or screw size also dictates the appropriate Thin Nut size.

Q: What's the minimum order quantity for Thin Nuts at Accu?.

A: Accu accommodates all order sizes, ranging from single units for prototyping or repair, to bulk orders for large-scale production requirements.

Bespoke Thin Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Thin Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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