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Metric Serrated Flanged Hexagon Sealing Nuts.

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Metric Serrated Flanged Hexagon Sealing Nuts

What are Metric Serrated Flanged Hexagon Sealing Nuts?

A high-tech variant of our Serrated Flange Nuts, this Sealing Fastener provides a dependable solution to prevent equipment being exposed to toxins and contaminants as a result of leaks within an assembly.

The Serrated Flange of these Sealing Nuts also aids with resistance to self loosening, making this fastener an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring an air-tight seal, even in extreme conditions where vibration is common.

Manufactured by ZAGO to a unique engineering process, Serrated Flange Sealing Nuts feature Military Standard O Ring technology. When installed to the required torque, these O Ring Nuts help ensure that equipment is protected from hazardous substances, with a leak proof seal preventing damage to vulnerable parts, such as tanks, pumps and motors.

Reusable and supplied ready to use with no assembly required, this fastener is fitted with a resilient rubber O Ring and provides a more cost effective and user friendly self-sealing solution over using a conventional Serrated Flange Nut with a separate O Ring.

Accu can supply a variant without a flange in our range of Metric Sealing Hexagon Nuts.

A bolt variant is also available in our standard range, please see our Hexagon Sealing Bolts for further information and availability.


Accu’s range of Flange Sealing Hex Nuts are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel, otherwise known as A2 Stainless Steel.

O Ring material options for this range include Buna, Fluorosilicone and Viton (Fluorocarbon) as standard. For alternative Serrated Flange Nut and O Ring materials, please reach out to us.


Manufactured to the DIN 6923 standard, Accu’s range of Serrated Flanged Sealing Nuts are available in metric thread sizes M4 to M16, suitable for securing fuel systems and hydraulics, or preventing medical devices from exposure to harmful bacteria.

Bespoke Metric Serrated Flanged Hexagon Sealing Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Metric Serrated Flanged Hexagon Sealing Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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