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Screw Caps.

Screw Caps

What are Screw Caps?

Screw caps, an often underappreciated but vital element in fastening finishing, offer more than just surface-level aesthetics. These plastic caps for screws serve dual functionalities—protecting exposed heads while providing a clean, streamlined appearance. 

From providing a finishing for your machinery to offering corrosion resistance to the outside elements. These push-on screw caps are meticulously engineered to fit a variety of drive types such as hex, torx, pozi, and rivets, ensuring seamless integration into precision engineering projects requiring that finishing touch.

How Screw Caps Work.

Understanding how screw caps work necessitates delving into material compatibility and tight fit tolerances. Designed to shield the head of a screw, plastic caps leverage a push-on installation mechanism.

Push-on screw caps can maintain a secure hold on the fastener, even when subjected to external factors like vibrations or temperature fluctuations. This is possible by precisely matching the internal dimensions of the cap with the corresponding fastener dimensions and drive type, all while taking into account the elastic properties of the chosen material.

What Material Screw Caps Are Made From.

For screw caps, material selection is a rigorous process, dictated by factors such as tensile strength and chemical resistance. Just a selection from our range are high-quality plastic screw caps made of Nylon, known for high tensile strength, and Polypropylene, valued for its chemical resistance.

We also offer rubber and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) as alternatives, each bringing its own set of mechanical and chemical advantages to the table.

What Size and Type Screw Caps Are Available.

We offer screw caps that fit a range of diameters, from the smallest size of M4 (4mm) to the largest size of M20 (20mm), catering to both intricate and large-scale applications. Our inventory features not just generic white and black but also decorative screw caps in a range of colours including grey, brown, and tan. Those seeking specialised aesthetics can opt for coloured screw caps or dome screw caps that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

It’s worth noting that screw head caps often go hand-in-hand with other fastening solutions. For instance, if you are looking to also cover a nut on the opposite side of your screw, our precision nut caps would be highly compatible with your chosen caps for screws.

Accu provides an extensive range of caps for screws designed to meet the most demanding engineering projects. Whether you need plastic caps for screws or are interested in decorative and coloured options to provide a sleek finished appearance, Accu can supply just one, or millions.


Q: Are screw caps the same as screw covers?.

A: Although technically offering the same attributes of protection and aesthetics. Our categorisation is that screw caps are intended to push fit into the drive type of fasteners and screw covers wrap around the outside of a screw head. 

Q: How do you install a screw cap?.

A: Plastic caps for screws and other types employ a push-on mechanism, making installation straightforward yet secure. Requiring no tools, simply press your chosen cap into the drive type of the screw head you wish to shield. Make sure to order the corresponding screw head caps to your drive type.

Q: What are screw caps used for?.

A: Screw caps serve both functional and aesthetic roles, from protecting fasteners against environmental factors to acting as decorative caps for screws.

Q: What can I use to cover exposed screws?.

A: Plastic screw caps made of Nylon or Polypropylene are robust choices for industrial settings. Accu stocks a wide range of plastic caps for screws that can help provide that finishing touch you're seeking.

Q: Is a screw cap airtight?.

A: Accu's range of standard screw caps are not designed to be airtight or leakproof and simply provide protection and aesthetic attributes.

Q: Can you reuse screw caps?.

A: Reusing screw caps depends on various factors including checking for no material fatigue or mechanical deformation. Old caps are more likely to be brittle or worn, however installing a cap, removing it and then re-installing should be fine provided there is no wear to the tip that interlocks with the drive head.

Bespoke Screw Caps Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Screw Caps to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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