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Masking Caps.

Masking Caps

What are Masking Caps?

Masking caps, an indispensable tool in the realm of precision engineering and finishing processes, are designed to shield and protect parts from contaminants during applications like painting, powder coating, and high-temperature treatments. Their primary function, similar to masking plugs, is to ensure that specific areas remain untouched or uncontaminated, delivering a pristine finish post-process. Whether you're aiming for a flawless paint job or safeguarding vital components and need masking caps for powder coating, our varied range of caps will prove to be a reliable ally.

How Masking Caps Work.

The fundamental role of a masking cap is to offer a temporary protective barrier, ensuring that certain areas of a component remain free from external substances or treatments. Upon being firmly placed over the section meant for protection, the cap prevents substances like paint or coating materials from reaching the protected area. Once the process is complete, these caps can be effortlessly removed, revealing an untouched, immaculate surface beneath, making them especially useful when you need masking caps for painting or powder coating.

What Materials Masking Caps Are Made From.

Masking caps are crafted for durability and versatility. Predominantly, silicone masking caps are a popular choice due to their flexibility and resilience, especially during high-temperature processes. This makes them excellent high-temperature masking caps, resistant to melting or deforming. Additionally, some caps may be constructed from other robust materials tailored for specific applications such as PVC, ensuring protection against a variety of environmental and process-related factors.

What Size and Type of Masking Caps Are Available.

Understanding the diverse needs of precision engineering, Accu offers caps in a plethora of sizes, ranging from those suited for minute threads to caps fitting larger parts. Types include silicone masking caps, ideal for high-temperature treatments, and various other PVC types tailored for specific applications. Whether your task requires masking caps for powder coating, protection from paint, or heat, Accu's range has a masking solution tailored for you.


Q: What are masking caps used for?.

A: PVC and silicone rubber caps are primarily employed to protect components during high-temperature treatments, such as powder coating or baking processes. Their heat-resistant nature ensures that the covered areas remain unaffected, while the rest of the component undergoes the required treatment.

Q: How do you protect threads when powder coating?.

A: To protect threads during powder coating, you can use masking caps tailored for this specific purpose. Simply cover the threads with the appropriate-sized cap before the coating process. This ensures that the threads remain clean and free from coating, allowing for easy assembly post-process.

Q: Are masking caps reusable?.

A: Yes, many masking caps, especially those made of durable materials like silicone and PVC, are designed for multiple uses. Their resilient nature allows them to maintain their shape and functionality even after repeated applications.

Q: How do I select the right size of a cap for my component?.

A: Measure the part of the component you wish to protect with a pair of callipers, considering both its diameter and depth. With these measurements in hand, consult Accu's extensive range of masking caps to find the size that provides a snug fit for optimal protection.

Q: Can I use masking caps for both painting and powder coating?.

A: Absolutely. caps and plugs are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including both painting and powder coating. Ensure that the material of the masking cap is suitable for the process, especially if high temperatures are involved.

Bespoke Masking Caps Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Masking Caps to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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