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Win A Dream Job Experience With A Motorsport Team

#AccuDreamJob 2023 Competition - Entries Now Open

Looking for this year's Dream Motorsport Experience? Please head to this page to discover more.

To learn more about the 2022 competition - won by Ffion Edgeley - please continue reading.


Win A Dream Job Experience With A Motorsport Team

Ever dreamed of travelling the world, visiting amazing destinations like São Paulo, Suzuka and Singapore whilst working with a team who share your passion for engineering?

These dream jobs do exist, many of them are located in the UK with 3 out of the Top 4 F1 constructors based here. Will you be the perfect fit?

---- Competition Update ---- Congratulations to Ffion! 

Congratulations FfionFfion hit the bullseye with her entry into the Accu Dream Work Experience competition in 2021. She'll be spending 2 days with the Oxford Brookes Racing team in November 2021 and April 2022 to get hands on experience of what it is like to design and build an electric racing car.

Ffion comes from a design background after completing her degree at De Montfort University. She is looking forward to starting a Masters in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough. She's also dabbled in some engineering with her dad in the past - who enjoys restoring military vehicles. Ffion writes "sometimes I’ll get roped into helping bleed brakes and giving him a hand in the garage - so I do have some experience of engineering!"  She sees her expertise lending themselves more to the CAD design side of engineering.

She's also a talented archer who has not only represented her county but also worked in her local archery shop which allowed her to share some interesting insights into the problems of different screw standards recently, "we do seem to have someone in every week looking for replacement screws- obviously we have a fair sized pile which we’ve accumulated over the years which we can normally find replacements in. The main problem is that there is no universal system used! American made bows (like mine) tend to use imperial whilst everyone else uses metric. But every other item on my bow is metric so I have a fair sized collection of hex and Allen keys! (Of course, the one I need I never usually have!). Small Grub screws seem to be the main culprit of missing screws in the scheme of things.'"

All the best Ffion and we hope you enjoy your prize!


Here at Accu, we've teamed up with the UK’s #1 student motorsport team – Oxford Brookes Racing to offer an amazing experience to help someone start their journey to becoming a professional racing car engineer.

Immerse yourself in the world of motorsport for 2 days – and get paid while you’re at it – as you find out how racing cars are designed, prototyped, and built, picking up £500 for your time.

You will:

  • Get technical insights about how racing cars are built
  • Gain hands-on experience with CAD sessions
  • Learn about aerodynamics
  • See how the vehicles are built in the ‘machine shop’ and get a car build masterclass
  • Take part in a simulator experience and a driving masterclass.

How to enter:

  • Make a short (3 min or less) video explaining why you should win and showing your passion for motorsport and engineering.
  • Post your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, tagging Accu with the hashtags #MakeYourFuture #AccuDreamJob #DreamF1Job
  • Send us a link to your video to [email protected]

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The Prize

The winner will have the opportunity to visit Oxford Brookes Racing at their campus in Oxford for 2 days - one day focused on design and the second on manufacture. Here's the breakdown:

Design Day 10/11/21

  • Design Day Introduction
  • Tour Of Design Facility
  • CAD Session (Driver Environment)
  • Technical Design Talk
  • Full Design Team Meeting with Q & A
  • Aero CAD Sessions
  • Simulator Experience and FS Driving Masterclass

Manufacture Day 6/4/2022

  • Manufacture Day Introduction
  • Machine Shop Tour
  • Accumulator Masterclass
  • Car Build MasterClass
  • Manufacture Team Meeting with Q & A

Competition Terms and Conditions:

  • This is not an offer of full-time employment. You will spend two days with the Oxford Brookes Racing team. 
  • You must be available on 10th November 2021 and 6th April 2022. If you are unavailable, the prize will be forfeited and given to another entrant.
  • Entries are only open to UK residents aged 17 or over.
  • The winner will be expected to visit the Oxford Brookes Racing campus at Oxford Brookes University, OX33 1HX. Reasonable transport expenses will be paid for.
  • You will be paid £500 at the end of the ‘job’ in April 2022.
  • You will also receive a paddock access pass that allows you access to the Formula Student competition in 2022.
  • Food will be available throughout the day and lunch will be provided.
  • You must always adhere to the Oxford Brookes’ COVID and health and safety guidelines.
  • You may enter this competition by posting a short video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn explaining why you should win, tagging Accu and using the hashtag #MakeYourFuture #AccuDreamJob #DreamF1Job
  • All content submitted will have the owner's permission to be used by Accu on social media platforms and its website.
  • During the Oxford Brookes visits, the winner will be asked to share pictures and videos of their visit, tagging Accu and using #MakeYourFuture #AccuDreamJob #DreamF1Job on posts.
  • The competition opens on 12th July 2021 and closes 9th August 2021. Any entries made after this date will not be counted.
  • The entries will be shortlisted by Accu.  The winner will be announced and contacted during the week ending on Friday 27th August.
  • Accu will carry out a risk assessment but does not take responsibility for health and safety.