Security Screws 

Security Screws

What are Security Screws?

Screws must often be installed in public places, playgrounds, or high-security areas, which can leave installations with exposed fasteners vulnerable to tampering. For these applications, tamper-proof Security Screws, also called anti-vandal Screws, may be required.

Some tamper-resistant fastenings are simply created by rounding or completely removing the head of a fastener after installation, which makes the fastening almost impossible to remove. While this method is effective, it is not generally recommended.

When first introduced, a standard Torx drive was considered to be uncommon enough to be an adequate form of tamper-proof drive, but as these fasteners have become increasingly common for their many advantages, the accompanying drivers have become widely available, meaning that Torx drives are no longer considered suitable for security applications. Accu's Security Screws range includes a wide variety of tamper-proof fasteners which are designed to avoid this problem. Accu's Security Screws are designed to only be compatible with specialised tools, making them popular in a wide range of public places and hazardous environments.

Accu's Security Screws Range

Accu's anti-vandal Security Screw ranges include 3 main types of security drive:

Security Socket

Security Sockets are also known as Security Hexagons or Security Allen drives, these sockets feature a security pin, which require Security Socket Drive Bits or Security Socket Key Wrenches to operate.

Security Hexalobular

Security Hexalobular drives, also called Security Torx or Security 6lobe, feature a centralised security pin. This anti-vandal feature means that these components only compatible with a Security Hexalobular Drive Bit or Security Hexalobular Key Wrench.

2Hole/Snake Eye

Also known as Snake Eye drives, these components feature two circular holes as a drive, which is operated by a 2Hole Drive Bit. Snake Eye Security Drives are less common than socket or hexalobular security drives, but are also less capable of effective torque transmission.

Accompanying Products

In addition to the accompanying Drive Bits for our anti-vandal Security Screws, Accu also offer additional components to improve the security of a fastening. Our specialist Resin Locking Patches can be applied to most fasteners, and while specialist drives prevent manual removal, these coatings prevent screws from coming loose accidentally under vibration. Tamper-proof Security Screws can also be used alongside tamper-proof nuts for added security. Accu's Shear Nuts are ideal for this application.

Bespoke Security Screws Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Security Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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