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Beetle Brawl 2024: Accu Sponsors Bristol Bot Builders Combat Robotics Event

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Bristol Bot Builders (BBB), supporting their bi-annual national Beetleweight class fighting robot competition. The next instalment of this thrilling contest is set to take place on Saturday 17th February at St Michael’s Centre in Bristol, UK and promises to be a spectacular showcase of engineering prowess and competitive spirit.

For a taste of what’s to come, why not watch the full BBB Beetle Brawl 2023 event on YouTube?

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Who Are Bristol Bot Builders?

Bristol Bot Builders, a community of combat robot builders based in South-West UK, are known for their engaging and innovative approach to combat robotics, running regular events throughout the calendar year. Since their inception in 2018, BBB have successfully run over 40 fighting robot competitions across multiple weight classes.

Their focus on hosting Feather, Beetle & Ant weight class events offers a more affordable and more accessible route into robot fighting competitions and is perfectly suited to support the development of building techniques for people new to robot combat.

On top of this, the team run a dedicated combat robotics shop to support the UK bot building community with custom and difficult-to-find parts - something Accu can definitely relate to!

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BBB’s Latest Beetleweight Combat Robotics Event

The Beetle Brawl event has become a popular staple within the combat robotics community

The Beetle Brawl 2024 coming up on 17th February will feature 50 machines from across the UK and beyond, battling it out in a series of non-stop fights from 11am to 6pm. The event will welcome around 250 spectators to witness the excitement and creativity of the competitors as they vie for the championship title, with an online livestream available for those unable to attend in-person.

In addition to the main event, which sees professional combat robotics outfits battle it out to be crowned champions, a special segment is dedicated to University teams - encouraging new roboteers to join the field and develop their skills.

This perfectly aligns with Accu's philosophy of fostering talent and innovation in the engineering community and builds on recent initiatives, such as our successful partnership with Labman FightFest for their fighting robot championships, and the Building Tomorrow Accu Scholarships - designed to offer financial support to Engineering students as they kick start their careers.

The Beetle Brawl event, likened to the popular TV show Robot Wars, offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals alike to experience the thrill of robot combat up close. With our commitment to precision and excellence, Accu is proud to support an event that not only celebrates engineering skill but also inspires future generations of engineers.Accu Article Highlighter Divider

How To Watch Beetle Brawl 2024

Spectator tickets are available for purchase, and the mini Robot Wars event promises to be a sell-out, highlighting the growing popularity of combat robotics as a sport and a testament to the skill and dedication of its participants.

With the venue just around the corner from Bristol Parkway Train Station, it’s easily accessible for people travelling by public transport, with free street parking available for those travelling by car.

The livestream for the Beetleweight competition will be available here with non-stop fights from 11am - 6pm on 17th February.

For more information on the Bristol Bot Builders and the Beetle Brawl 2024 event, please visit their website​​​​​​.

For more information on Beetle Brawl 2024, head to the Bristol Bot Builders websiteAccu Article Highlighter Divider