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Accu Celebrates Front CSat Leaders Award Win

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the top 100 Game Changers of 2024 by the customer operations platform Front.

In their inaugural Game Changer Awards Accu was announced as a winner of the CSat Leaders Award - recognising companies that have demonstrated outstanding customer satisfaction scores using Front’s native CSAT tool.

Front's Inaugural Game Changer Awards saw Accu win the CSat Leader award

This achievement is a testament to our incredible team’s commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction and operational excellence, following on from our other recent recognitions, including the Best Digital Customer Experience Award win at the UK CXA '23 Awards.

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Changing the game with an award-winning customer experience

Winners of the CSat Leaders award are achieving superior service quality, which significantly exceeds industry benchmarks. This year, Accu has joined the ranks of these elite organisations, showcasing its dedication to providing world-class customer experience with averages of 96% customer satisfaction scores and 230,000 survey responses.

By leveraging Front's innovative CSAT tool, we’ve been able to consistently deliver an exceptional service to our customers, earning high praise for a fast, friendly and first-class experience. This achievement reflects our people-first approach, signifying our commitment to supplying not only high quality components, but a best-of-the-best customer journey.

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How technology like Front is pivotal to Accu’s industry impact

The CSat Leader award underscores the ever-shifting dynamics in customer service, where technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping expectations and experiences. We strongly believe that our success in this arena highlights the company’s forward-thinking approach, placing it at the forefront of customer service innovation in the supply chain sector.

Complimenting our use of the Front platform, we harness cutting-edge technology throughout the business to enhance customer interactions. These tools are used every day to support our continual growth and improvement - from developing our industry-leading eCommerce platform to facilitating the great work of our Customer Champion Award winning customer facing teams.