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Accu Establishes Partnership with UoN Racing Formula Student Team

After previously earning a top result of 1st place EV (3rd overall) in 2021 at the renowned IMechE Formula Student competition, the University of Nottingham’s outfit identified Accu as a key supplier who could help them reach new heights.

Read on to learn more about the team’s plans for the 2023-24 academic year and how they’ll be using Accu components to reach their target of competing at Formula Student Germany.

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Get to know UoN Racing

UoN Racing's 2023 car competing at Formula Student UKUoN Racing is the University of Nottingham’s dynamic Formula Student team, founded in 2016, as an all-electric entry into the popular IMechE competition.

All aspects of the car are student-lead, with their 2021 IMechE Formula Student UK entry achieving 3rd place overall. The team consists of over 100 students, studying an array of degrees from Mechanical Engineering to Psychology. The mechanical and electrical engineers collaborate to develop a space and weight optimised vehicle.

Alongside the technical team, the business and operations groups manage logistics and finances, along with keeping the team on track with project timelines. Staying connected with the team’s sponsors and partners is a key focus for the PR and Marketing group, which is primarily accomplished through engaging social media content.

UoN Racing values their committed volunteers who make up the majority of the team. Each member provides fresh views and experiences, with the team proudly working collaboratively throughout the year, all working towards shared goals.

UoN Racing strives for excellence in all aspects of the competition and hopes to demonstrate this with a podium finish at FSUK 2024!

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How are Accu supporting UoN Racing?

In 2024 UoN Racing is aiming to compete in both Formula Student UK and Formula Student Germany, with a focus on rapidly developing their vehicle. With this in mind, the team has chosen to partner with Accu after being impressed with our extensive range of fasteners and associated 3D models. UoN Racing have also praised our online store and its capabilities, as it allows the team to select and model components which meet their highly technical requirements.

Quote on the sponsorship with Accu by Joshua Bridges, UoN Racing Team Lead

Accu's PEEK Torx Cap Screws attaching the custom inverter PCB to its cooling blockAccu has provided the team with a range of critical fasteners for their 2024 vehicle. These include Imperial Nylon Locking Nuts for use in securing their accumulator and PEEK Cap Head Bolts to attach their custom inverter PCB to its cooling block. These components are critical to ensuring systems remain securely mounted, as well as electrically isolated from surrounding components.

During the team’s operation, UoN Racing has developed extensive experience in the production of electrical vehicles. As part of this, the team is developing custom Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverters, which will deliver substantial performance benefits over the team’s current IGBT inverters. This is also a critical step in the team’s aim of introducing an all-wheel drive system for the FS 2024/25 season.

Outside of this, the team is developing a brand-new aerodynamic package, with an aim to increase the vehicles overall sustainability, through the use of natural fibre composites.

Accu looks forward to helping support the team with their goals and ambitions ahead of the FS 2024 competitions.