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Lily Wins Make UK Regional Apprentice Endeavour Award

We are delighted to share that Accu’s very own Lily Smythe, Junior Merchandiser, was named regional winner of the Apprentice Endeavour Award at the Make UK Manufacturing Awards 2023. This commendation is a testament to Lily's exceptional dedication and resilience in the face of adversity.

Joining Accu as an Apprentice Merchandiser in August 2021, Lily embarked on her Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with Kirklees College. Since then, she has blossomed into a vital member of our team, now serving as a Junior Merchandiser responsible for onboarding new product ranges and maintaining accurate, up-to-date information on our website.

Rachael Davidson, Merchandising Manager at Accu, couldn't praise Lily enough, "Lily has an incredible approach to learning. Since joining Accu as an apprentice, her knowledge and skill set has developed incredibly, as has her confidence. She is professional, a fantastic problem solver, and I have no doubt that her future at Accu will be incredibly bright."

The Apprentice Endeavour Award is designed to honour an apprentice who, in the face of adverse circumstances, has shown remarkable dedication and resilience in their apprenticeship. 

Being the recipient of this award signifies Lily's outstanding commitment and astounding progress throughout her apprenticeship. Despite facing challenging circumstances, Lily's determination has shone brightly, endearing her to everybody at Accu and the wider industry.

What Are The Make UK Manufacturing Awards?

The Make UK Manufacturing Awards is a high-profile event, providing a platform to exchange best practices, recognise ground-breaking innovations and celebrate the success of apprentices and organisations in the manufacturing and engineering sector. 

Beginning with the Regional Awards, these events spotlight exceptional talent from 5 different regions in the UK. The winners from each regional event are invited through to the second and final stage of the competition for national judging. 

To be shortlisted for the Regional Awards, Lily presented a thorough self-assessment which included work samples from her apprenticeship. In the narrative Lily detailed the challenges she faced on her journey and especially how she effectively utilised strategic problem-solving skills to overcome them. 

As a regional winner, Lily is now in the running for the National Awards set to take place in January. This is an invaluable opportunity and an incredible achievement of Lily’s and all of us as Accu look forward to cheering her on as she moves to the next and final stage. 

From apprentice to an award-winning Junior Merchandiser, Lily’s journey at Accu reflects her brilliant ambition and strive for personal growth and we are delighted to support her continued success. 

Beckie Pisacane, Accu’s Head of Merchandising and Intelligence, expressed her admiration for Lily's tenacity and versatility. “Adapting to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment is not an easy feat, so Lily's ability to thrive in such conditions speaks volumes about her skills and dedication.”

She added, “Being able to navigate the challenges of a growing business is essential, and Lily's contributions have played a significant role in Accu's success. We are so proud of her achievements and count ourselves lucky that she chose Accu for her apprenticeship!”

Accu and Make UK

Our relationship with Make UK, the support network for UK manufacturers and engineers, began to grow when Accu became an official member in May of this year. From networking events to industry insights and extensive training and career development opportunities, our association with Make UK allows us to learn from the very best in the UK's manufacturing industry.

Learn more about Make UK here - Accu Joins Make UK The Manufacturers’ Organisation