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Shaping the Future Of Engineering: Jessica’s Journey As An Apprentice

On the run up to International Women in Engineering Day, we had the pleasure of chatting to one of our exceptional young engineers, Jessica. 

Jessica is our Apprentice Application Engineer and is currently studying towards her Level 3 Technical Support qualification at Kirklees College.

Being an invaluable asset to our engineering team, Jessica regularly showcases her exceptional ability to learn quickly and, in just 10 months, she has developed a remarkable knowledge of precision engineering. 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Jessica's journey into engineering and to celebrate her well-deserved success.

Jessica Mear | An Apprentices’ Journey Into Engineering 

“I have always had a passion for engineering and was certain that it was the path that I wanted to go down. 

I was brought up with many Engineers in the family, my Dad works for a precision and production Engineering company and my Grandad was a Chemical Engineer. Hearing from their experience, I was inspired to pursue a career in the same field. 

In fact, as a child I would regularly make things with my Grandad and one of my favourite projects was building a range of bird stands in his garden!

From technical drawings all the way to designing and building machinery, I was excited to see how many career paths I could take in engineering. 

As I began my education, I quickly realised that I had a keen interest in the drawing and technical aspects of the industry and after two years at college, I decided that an apprenticeship would be the best route to allow me to dive straight into projects.

As an apprentice, I love that I can get my hands dirty creating a concept and being able to see it develop. I also really enjoy using systems like CAD and Fusion for real life engineering projects and have enjoyed being able to improve these skills.

Just as I loved making things when I was young, I love to help engineers  develop their projects to this day. I really enjoy being able to see projects go from design right the way through to completion and this is something I see regularly as an Application Engineer at Accu.

Having a regular line of communication with customers, I make sure that the components that they need are both accurate and perfect for their application. 

I also work closely with customers who reach out through our Custom Manufacture service, where I work to find the best components that meet their specifications that are not part of our standard ranges.

I learn all about their projects, what they are building, the timescale and most importantly, which components that they need. 

When it comes to engineering components, it's easy to overlook the small details, but those small elements are what bring the big things to life. It's all about understanding the broader perspective and how they play a huge role in engineering everyday. 

As I'm getting close to my one-year mark at Accu, I'm grateful for the support and learning opportunities I have been given. I have learned so much about engineering components and what they can be used for across the industry and can’t wait to continue to learn more!”

Since joining Accu last July, Jessica has truly hit the ground running, eagerly learning from our engineering team and the hands-on experience from working with our customers. 

While she may be at the beginning of her engineering career, Jessica is already leaving an indelible mark on the projects that she undertakes, and we are both delighted and proud to be able to support her on her journey!

In celebrating Jessica's achievements, we also celebrate the accomplishments of women in engineering, throughout history, all around the world. 

International Women in Engineering Day serves as a reminder of the remarkable talent and skill that women bring to the field. 

In honour of this, Accu remains dedicated to championing gender equality, fostering inclusive environments, and empowering more women to pursue and thrive in engineering.