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Empowering The Next Generation Of Motorsport Engineers

International Women In Engineering Day (INWED) 2023

There are many remarkable women in engineering who are shaping the future with their innovative minds and unwavering determination.

Imagine the motorsport engineer who fearlessly fine-tunes the engines, pushing the limits of speed and precision, or the aerospace engineer whose brilliance propels humanity into the skies. 

Though these extraordinary women are defying stereotypes and shaping the landscape of engineering, they continue to be underrepresented across the world with only 16.5% of engineers being women in the UK.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) offers a valuable opportunity to celebrate and highlight the achievements of these women while also considering the ways in which effective changes can be made to help them reach their full potential as engineers.

For years, Accu has had a keen focus on fostering the potential of young engineers who share our passion for the thrilling world of engineering. 

From student formula teams, where future racing legends are born, to empowering robotics enthusiasts as they pursue their dreams of building epic combat robots, we proudly support the next generation to develop their knowledge and skills.

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we are committed to creating equal opportunities for all engineers to realise their full potential and shape the future of engineering. 

On that note, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on two exceptional young women exemplifying incredible talent within the field of motorsport: Nida Anis and Grace Newman.

Inspiring the Next Generation: The Impact Of #AccuDreamJob On Aspiring Engineers

Nida and Grace were two of our lucky #AccuDreamJob winners where, back in May 2023, they spent the day at Oxford Brookes University learning from the fantastic formula student team, Oxford Brookes Racing (OBR). 

#AccuDreamJob is a once-in-a-lifetime motorsport experience offering young engineers the opportunity to learn all about the ins and outs of designing and building a competitive race car. 

From exploring the intricacies of composites and CAD design to understanding car setup and data analysis, this immersive program offers a range of hands-on sessions that delve into crucial aspects of motorsport engineering.

The experience day invites young engineers to not only learn theoretical concepts but to also gain firsthand knowledge from the seasoned professionals who are guiding them.

You can learn more about the #AccuDreamJob Experience Day by heading to ‘How #AccuDreamJob Helped 3 Young Engineers Build Their Futures’.

One of the driving forces behind offering this opportunity to students was to provide them with a glimpse into their future careers and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

We understand that acquiring the necessary skills for engineering jobs can sometimes be challenging, and students often yearn for real-world experience to complement their education. 

With the #AccuDreamJob competition, we aim to wholeheartedly support aspiring engineers in gaining the skills they need for a successful future in the industry. 

And, with that in mind, we couldn’t be more delighted to hear Nida and Grace resonating with this very sentiment, affirming the impact and value of their experience.

As Grace reflected, “For me, one of the best things about the #AccuDreamJob experience day was that I was able to dive straight in and get some experience with the parts. 

“I was able to apply my ideas, learn to use the CAD software and get some real hands-on experience with carbon fibre and metalwork and in the end, I was able to create a carbon fibre trophy from my own designs!

“It was a great opportunity to take a small part through the entire design cycle and learn some CAD skills, which I’m sure will be really useful in both university, and in industry.

“As a whole, it was definitely a unique experience, something I couldn't just learn studying my A-Levels and it was very insightful to actually be able to do it myself. It actually made me realise the technology side is something I'm really passionate about.”

Reflecting on her own experience, Nida shared, “I definitely learned a lot from the experience day, particularly around composites and metalwork. 

“Whilst I was already familiar with vehicle setup and the data analysis and acquisition side of the car from my work with Evans GP in the GB4 Championship, I wasn't too familiar with the actual process of manufacturing components and it was great to get some hands-on experience!

“Looking back on the experience day, I am excited knowing that I can now apply the knowledge that I’ve learned directly to my full time employment as a member of the engineering team at Evans GP.”

We are thrilled to hear that Nida has also started the McLaren 60 Scholars Programme, designed to empower the next generation of female STEM leaders. As part of the team, Nida will take part in an accelerated learning course gaining experience with McLaren Racing, Google, Cisco, and Cadence.

But it’s not just about the practical learning - though it is pretty awesome! While the winners had many opportunities to acquire valuable engineering skills, #AccuDreamJob also allowed them to gain insights into the dynamic world of a fast-paced formula team. 

Oxford Brookes Racing, like many student formula teams, is passionately preparing for the renowned racing competition, Formula Student. 

This international competition challenges university teams to design, build, and race a formula race car, pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. 

Immersed in this environment, Nida and Grace witnessed firsthand the teamwork, collaboration, and diverse roles involved in the design and manufacture of a motorsport car. They had the chance to learn from experienced team members, exchange knowledge, and understand how each individual role contributes to the success of the overall project.

Not only that, #AccuDreamJob is also rich with many networking opportunities allowing them to connect with university students and accomplished women who possess hands-on experience working within a successful formula team.

Nida shared, “The #AccuDreamJob Experience Day has absolutely inspired me!

“Being able to connect with students who are also involved in the motorsport industry (I remember that Khanh was involved in IMSA and Tessa was involved with Mercedes HPP) was very insightful.

“The experience day has certainly given me the confidence that - with determination and the right mindset - I can break into the motorsport industry.

“I would definitely advise young people to enter as it allows them to connect with highly experienced young engineers who are innovating within the industry and really see how formula student teams work, quite similar to how a professional level race team works.

“It was also great to meet Grace in particular. We have a lot in common and we'll both be on the same university course starting in September!”

Grace also had a lot to take away from the #AccuDreamJob experience  day as she kindly shared, “The day has really inspired me. I aspire to work in motorsport engineering and the day has just enthused my ambition. It gave an incredible insight into the Oxford Brookes FS Team, how they go from concept to producing the car, and maximising its performance.

“It was fascinating to learn more about the technical aspects of the car, but also to speak with the team - to learn from their experiences, draw on their knowledge and take onboard their advice was invaluable.

“I would definitely recommend #AccuDreamJob. It gave me great insight into the entire process of Formula Student teams, to speak with them and learn how to design a fast car and hear their advice is incredibly invaluable. It has helped me learn some extra skills and get some knowledge that will definitely help me when I start my degree in September.”

The #AccuDreamJob experience has proven to be a defining moment for Nida and Grace, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in their engineering careers. 

Speaking of which, we are delighted to share that the #AccuDreamJob winners will be joining Team Accu for an extraordinary experience attending this year’s Formula Student competition!

From cutting-edge designs to exhilarating races, at Formula Student the young engineers will have the chance to gain a firsthand glimpse into the thrilling world of motorsport competitions - and of course, there are even more networking opportunities!

At Formula Student, Nida and Grace will have the opportunity to observe the dynamic interactions between teams, gain insights into the latest advancements in automotive technology, and witness the meticulous preparation and execution required for successful racing!

With incredible talent, dedication, and enthusiasm for motorsport we are truly inspired by these two young engineers. 

Grace and Nida, we wish you all the best as you head to university and can’t wait to see where your career in engineering takes you next!