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Apex Boards: Pushing The Limits Of Mountainboarding

Using only the highest quality materials in their assemblies, Ben Brown, Director and Engineer, explains why Apex Boards turn to Accu for all of their High Tensile Steel and Stainless Steel components.

"We have found that the quality and tolerances with Accu's fasteners is head and shoulders above what we have been provided elsewhere." - Ben Brown

Who Are Apex Boards?

Taking the sporting industry by storm, Apex Boards design and build epic electric mountainboards for thrillseekers across the world. 

With an innovative spin on the traditional skateboard, these off-road boards are specially designed for use on rough terrain including dirt tracks, hills and - as you’d expect - mountains.

For the more casual rider, the Apex mountain board can also offer a stylish and convenient way to cruise around town. 

With their electric motors, rechargeable batteries - and not to mention their robust and reliable design - this revolutionary piece of tech allows riders to travel faster and further on a skateboard than they ever could before. 

Building Better To Ride Better

Passionate riders and skilled engineers Lee Wright, Ben Brown, and Queron ‘Q’ Williams founded Apex Boards with the goal of providing top-quality, lightweight parts to help other people create their own electric mountainboards. 

As a project that started back in 2020, Apex Boards has since grown to become an incredible opportunity for Lee, Ben and Q to share the love of boarding and DIY with many. 

Reflecting on the launch of Apex Boards, Ben Brown recounted the story of how the team came together, “As a company, we formed out of our desire to ride better and better equipment. A lot of stuff just wasn’t available, so we made it.

Before coming together as a team we were (and still are) part of the DIY community. We met because we had a ride share to an event in Paris, France and remained firm friends ever since.”

At the time, both Lee and Ben were focused on separate side projects. It wasn’t until Lee and Q showed Ben the ropes of electric off-road boards that he fully committed to the idea and dived straight in.

Finding themselves with extra time on their hands during Lockdown, Apex launched into business, using their combined skills to take mountain boarding to the next level. 

Ben shared, “We started with making parts for existing boards and parts of the DIY market. Now we have made nearly every part for our own complete electric mountain board including our in-house built battery pack and gearboxes.”

With a background in electronics and RF engineering, Lee is responsible for designing many of Apex's lightweight and high-performance parts. His prior experience building electric skateboards gives him a unique perspective on what riders are looking for in a board. 

Meanwhile, as a composite engineer, Ben takes charge of building Apex's batteries and complete boards, working closely with their suppliers to ensure the highest possible quality.

Finally, with a background in electronics and robotics, Q serves as the team's chief designer, putting his technical expertise to work to ensure that all Apex Boards meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Since their launch over three years ago, Lee, Ben and Q have been joined by a number of engineers, riders and influencers who share their desire to build and ride the best electric off-road skateboards.  

Let’s Take A Look At The Boards

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast looking to build your own mountainboard from scratch, or simply need to make some repairs, the Apex Boards website has everything you need to create the ultimate off-road riding experience. 

Of course, the Apex team also recognizes that not everyone has the time or inclination to build their own board. For those looking for a more convenient option, the Apex Predator HGD is a complete all-terrain powerhouse that can be manufactured and delivered straight to your door, ready to ride.

The ApexPredator+ (4WD) is also available for more experienced riders.

So, How Do They Do It?

With meticulous design and extensive research, Apex have succeeded in creating mountainboards that exceed the expectations of their customers. 

In fact, these boards might just be some of the most innovative and exciting models on the market today.

It all begins with the mountainboard deck. To achieve a flawless and lightweight design Apex works with Haero, creating their own spin on the Haero Bro.

They then add the equally lightweight Apex Air trucks, which are both cushioned for comfort and extremely accurate, responding to the terrain and providing excellent shock absorption.

Throughout the build process, the team carefully incorporates key parts like bindings, TPU shock pads, and jump drives, sealed motors, and a waterproof NGB 21700 Molicell P42a battery pack.

The end result is a mountainboard that is strong, durable, and weatherproof - precisely the qualities that riders need for off-road adventures.

At Apex Boards, they understand that the smallest components can make a huge difference, needing high quality and robust fasteners to create  reliable products for all conditions of weather and terrain.

This is why they turn to Accu.

Discussing why the team choose Accu components, Ben comments; “The HoloKrome screws are used in our gearboxes because of their strength. It allows us to use smaller fastenings that we would normally use to keep the form factor small and light. The larger and more clunky our parts are, the more chance we have of getting hung up on a rock or tree root!”

Accu’s HoloKrome Screws are excellent for assemblies such as these, being both strong and lightweight they keep the board securely fastened irrespective of the environment. 

As they are small, these fasteners are also great for space saving, leaving room for, and not interfering with, the essential parts for the mountainboard.

“We use a lot of other Accu fasteners in almost every part of our assemblies. High tensile bolts to hold the heavy battery box to the deck, stainless screws on the exposed areas of the speed controller cases, etc, etc, the list goes on.

We also take full advantage of the faultless shipping, to us this is sometimes invaluable to get us out of a bind. Ordering stuff Saturday afternoon and receiving on Monday is perfect.”

Apex Boards are made to order and Accu’s fast delivery is essential to get the board finished and out to the customer in a timely manner.

Empowering Skaters and DIY Enthusiasts With Innovative Engineering

Inspiring the love of engineering in the skating industry has been at the heart of Apex Boards from the very beginning.

Still proud of their position as part of both the DIY and skateboarding communities, Lee, Ben and Q are firmly committed to finding ways to make better quality and higher performing equipment that is also more accessible for DIYers to get their hands on.  

In addition to Apex Boards’ impressive selection of mountainboarding parts, Lee Wright also shares his expertise through his popular YouTube channel where he talks about all things esk8 and provides valuable tutorials on how to build and customise electric skateboards.

It is inspiring to see that in three short years the Apex team have developed their passion for electric skateboards and DIY into a thriving business and community that is centred around encouraging others to take on their own exciting projects.

It's a pleasure to see the passion and creativity that goes into each of these epic skateboard builds and Accu are thrilled to play a part in the process.