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Accu Partners With Trinity College Dublin's Formula Student Team

Formula Trinity design and build race cars to compete at Formula StudentAccu has confirmed a new partnership with Formula Trinity - Ireland’s leading student motorsport team from Trinity College Dublin.

Having only recently been founded in 2017, this young, vibrant team was formed by over 80 undergraduates and postgraduates across multiple disciplines, including engineering, computer science and business degrees.

In 2023, now with over 100 active members, the students work to design, build and race cars to compete in the Formula Student UK competition.

Following on from their triple award winning success in the 2022 FSUK competition, Formula Trinity are now aiming to combine the vision of both their race car teams to build a fully autonomous ADS Car.

The team have already identified key areas for improvement and approached Accu to partner for the 2023 season, wanting to use our high quality fasteners and tools in the design and assembly of their cars. 

Alastair Morris, Managing Director at Accu, said: "We're all about supporting the next generation of engineers and innovators here at Accu, so it's great that we can announce this new partnership with the Formula Trinity team. It's fantastic to see that after only founding 6 years ago they're already winning awards, demonstrating their determination and capabilities in quickly establishing themselves as Ireland's top Formula Student outfit."

With Ireland being one of Accu's top markets for precision components, Alastair added that "the decision to sponsor Formula Trinity is also a sound business decision too, showcasing our commitment to support the country's future engineers and we hope that their relationship working with Accu will continue to grow as they progress into their respective careers."

You can learn more about the Formula Trinity team by heading to their website and following them on social media.