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Thunderbolt Masonry Anchors: Trusted By Professional Builders

Secure Anchorage In Stone, Brick And Concrete With Thunderbolt Masonry Anchors

Thunderbolt Masonry Anchors can be used to secure fixtures in concrete

Accu is now an official distributor of Thunderbolt™ Masonry Anchors, the bestselling anchor for professional builders. Fitted with a powerful self-tapping thread, the Thunderbolt Masonry Anchor is simple to install and easily removable, making it suitable for securing support structures and even temporary jobs.

 These all-purpose one-piece masonry screws do not require resin or a wall plug for installation, offering safe anchorage with the substrate acting as the nut to the bolt. 

Thunderbolt Self-Tapping Anchors are a powerful and versatile choice within the construction industry, being suitable for fixtures within a wide variety of materials and substrates including stone, concrete block, brick and marble.

As a non-expanding anchor, featuring a balancing thread to ensure correct alignment and easy installation, these components are ideal for close to edge fixing applications.

As standard, this type of masonry screw is manufactured in Yellow Zinc Plated Steel, Accu can also supply Masonry Anchors in Galvanised Steel, a material which offers increased corrosion resistance suited to applications within coastal, industrial and marine environments.

How To Install Masonry Anchors

Accu's Masonry Anchors Installation

Designed for quick and easy installation, Thunderbolt Anchors can be installed in 4 simple steps: 

1) Drill a Pilot Hole to the recommended size (see component technical specification), ensuring the hole is deep enough to allow for dust 

2) Remove drilling debris/ dust from the hole

3) Insert the Masonry Anchor into the pilot hole

4) Fasten to the recommended tightening torque using appropriate driver tool

NB: For the Torx Countersunk Masonry Anchors, a Countersink tool should be used on the surface material prior to installation to allow the fastener to sit flush.

ETA Certified And CE Marked Masonry Screws

For installations where there is a legal requirement and in safety critical applications, Accu can also supply ETA evaluated and CE marked Hexagon Masonry Anchors.

This gives engineers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the ETA Certified Thunderbolt Anchors are capable of high performance and have undertaken rigorous independent testing. CE Marked Masonry Anchors also offer the assurance of high quality and traceability.