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Accu Transitions To 100% Renewable Electricity

Since 1st October 2021, Accu has been running on 100% renewable electricity for all on-site operations, including manufacturing, warehousing, office/meeting spaces and IT infrastructure.

The impact of climate change has never been more apparent. It’s great to see the world is waking up to climate change and Accu is committed to ensuring we do our part so that both our planet and business thrive for many generations to follow.

Today we announce our first step towards our environmental target - becoming a net zero organisation by 2030.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is obtained from sources such as wind power and solar energy. These are naturally occurring resources which are constantly replenished, or renewed, hence the name. Green energy, a term which is often used interchangeably with renewable energy, actually refers to sources of energy that derive from nature, but are not necessarily always renewable.

Accu has chosen to switch to renewable electricity and gas from green energy sources as we continue to invest in ways of reducing our carbon footprint.

Supporting Companies Who Are Making The World A Better Place

Tokamak Energy use our fasteners in their prototype nuclear fusion reactorsOne of our key values as a business is that we actively support projects that make the world a better place. Whether that’s working with prosthetics companies and medical device manufacturers to improve people's quality of life, or supporting businesses like Tokamak Energy, pioneers in the development of economic and globally deployable clean fusion energy, these projects give us purpose and will forever be a strong part of our identity.

Steps Accu And Our Partners Are Taking To Reduce Emissions

Many of our customers will already be familiar with our longstanding environmental policy. We’ve strongly encouraged the use of paperless systems for many years now, providing digital documents instead wherever possible. It’s a small step, but one that we’ve had fantastic feedback from businesses and individuals wanting to also reduce their carbon footprint and waste.

In 2020, we consolidated our packaging, combining our jiffy bags and external waterproofing mailer bags into a single item. This change significantly reduced the overall amount of plastic packaging used per order, with the internal grip lock bags which protect the integrity of the components inside being specifically designed and encouraged to be easily reused.

DPD's electric vehicles are already operating throughout the UKIt’s also really encouraging to see that our national courier partner DPD is aiming to go all-electric/ green by 2025. Their plans to become the UK’s most sustainable delivery company by building the largest all-electric delivery fleet in the UK is something we fully support, with over 700 electric vehicles already in operation throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

With all that said, we recognise that there is still more to do and we endeavour to achieve a greener, more sustainable future. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and will provide further updates on our efforts in the near future.


For more information on what net zero means and how this balance can be achieved, head over to the National Grid website.