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What sets iFixit tools and repair kits apart from their competitors?

Let’s Fix The World. One Device At A Time.

A Brief History Of iFixit

Since their founding in 2003, iFixit have quickly become renowned throughout the world for their ‘new tech teardowns’. This is when the team of iFixit engineers race against other companies to create their repair guide for devices as soon as the product comes onto the market. iFixit strive to add the guide to their extensive community-driven database of free repair manuals as close to the product launch date as possible.

As a driving force behind the Right to Repair movement, iFixit backup their easy-to-use online repair guides with world class tools, drive bit sets and repair kits for a wide range of electronic devices, old and new.

How iFixit Became The World’s Best Teardown Team

As a brand, iFixit has become synonymous with tech tear downs, leading the way when it comes to taking apart the latest mobile phones and popular electronics devices. 

Their ability to access the latest tech devices and complete their teardowns before their competitors lead to an exclusive case study interview with Motherboard - the tech division of popular content creators VICE. In their YouTube video, Motherboard met up with Kyle Wiens, the Co-Founder and CEO of iFixit, to learn first hand how iFixit became famous for their teardowns.

When And Why Accu Became An iFixit Supplier

Accu first launched iFixit’s range of Toolkits, Screwdrivers and Driver Bit Kits in October 2018. We saw this as an opportunity to encourage more fixers within the UK by providing iFixit’s high quality tools and accessories, but also as a compliment to our existing precision screw range.

iFixit’s mission is to make repair accessible to everyone and Accu’s mission is to make engineering accessible to everyone. By using iFixit and Accu’s high quality tools, repair kits and precision fasteners, engineering professionals, makers, fixers and hobbyists alike can be ready for their next project.

The Best Toolkits and Driver Bit Sets For All Things Repair

When it comes to repair jobs, particularly when working with expensive electronics devices such as tablets and mobile phones, using high quality tools is essential to prevent damage to the devices themselves and the micro fasteners that hold them together.

Each of iFixit’s Driver Bit Kits, including the versatile 112-Bit Manta Driver Kit, features a range of high quality drive bits, manufactured from 6150 Steel, and Anodized Aluminium Knurled Grip Screwdrivers, with a swivel cap and magnetised bit holder for comfort and ease of use.

This is particularly useful when working with Micro screws - especially those with thread sizes as small as M1 & M1.2 screws. We would recommend using the iFixit Magnetic Project Mat Pro in order to help organise the components being removed/ replaced from devices and to ensure that loss of fasteners is avoided.

iFixit’s best-selling product - The Pro Tech Toolkit - is the ultimate tool kit for all things repair, especially when it comes to fixing electronic gadgets. By combining the Mako 64 Driver Bit Set with the best of the Essential Electronics Toolkit 2.1 and adding in a few extra tools and accessories, such as the Anti-Static Wrist Strap and the Angled ESD Tweezers, this kit is built for servicing consumer electronics.

The iFixit Drive Bit Kit range is also compatible with our Stainless Steel Fastener Kits - Accu ProKits - meaning that no matter the size of your project, whether it’s prototyping or DIY, you’ll be able to remove and re-install the screws you need, no matter what Drive type they are.

Better savings on iFixit Bundles from Accu

iFixit Bundles such as the Pro Tech Toolkit & Magnetic Project Mat Pro Bundle and the Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit & IOpener Kit Bundle are now available from affording customers a 10% saving when buying a bundle instead of the individual kits.

Fix it Faster With Accu & Next Day UK Delivery

Accu is proud to be a UK stockist and supplier of the range of iFixit Tools, Driver Bit Sets and Screwdriver Kits and with Next Delivery for our UK customers, you can fix your devices faster.

The iFixit range can also be purchased in conjunction with AccuPro, our one-off payment delivery method, which allows customers to receive unlimited express deliveries on all orders for 1 year. AccuPro is exclusive to our UK customers.