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Buy Hafren Security Fasteners Components

Specialists in tamper-resistant fasteners, ranging from security screws, nuts and bolts, Hafren Security Fasteners were founded in 1994 as a small, family run business with a passion for offering a quality service.

Now one of the world’s leading suppliers of security fasteners, Hafren works exclusively with approved distributors like Accu. This helps them to provide secure solutions for installations needing to safeguard against theft, vandalism or tampering, by ensuring that their specialist screws and screwdriving tools are less easily accessible to members of the general public.

Hafren tamper proof screws and nuts are designed to deal with stringent health and safety laws to keep people safe, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing to compliment their installation environment.

As enhanced security components are in constant demand, large stock availability is crucial. Accu can quickly supply Hafren Security Fasteners for a range of projects and builds across the world with our global express delivery.

Hafren Security Fasteners