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Buy Nord-Lock Washers Components

Nord-Lock Group are a bolting solutions specialist who pioneered the Nord-Lock washer, a highly effective anti-vibration locking washer. They are supplied in pre-assembled lightly glued pairs for your convenience. They are installed in pairs with interlocking cams on the inside, which attach together to form the wedge lock, while the outer serrations grip the mating surface and the underside of the bolt head.

How Do Nord-Lock Washers Work?

The cam inclination is at a greater angle than the pitch of the bolt thread, which creates a wedge-locking effect using tension rather than friction. The expansion in thickness of the washers is greater than the possible movement of the bolt along the thread, helping to prevent bolts from working loose even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Their effectiveness is proven by the Junker Test according to DIN 65151, which is commonly seen as the most rigorous method for testing bolted joints.

Nord-Lock Washers