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Precision Gear Boxes.

Precision Gear Boxes

What are Precision Gear Boxes?

Precision Gear Boxes are power transmission devices that transfer large amounts of power from one place to another. Accu’s range of Gear Boxes include, Bevel, Hollow Shaft, Worm and Hypoid.

Right-angle Gearboxes, such as Bevel Gearboxes, are great for space saving and are typically used to transmit torque 90 degrees to turn a corner. The rolling Bevel gears modify the direction of rotation transferring the power from one spinning load to the other without needing to take up too much space. 

Bevel Gearboxes are highly efficient and are ideal for use in small, high accuracy applications, such as robotics and mechatronics. 

Worm gear boxes, by comparison, are used to convert rotary motion into linear motion through friction rather than rolling. They are favoured for their higher gear ratio, however, due to the friction of the gears, are less efficient.

Gear Box Materials  .

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Aluminium and Carbon Steel

Bespoke Precision Gear Boxes Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Precision Gear Boxes to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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