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M3 (3mm) x 10mm x 4mm AMPG Socket Shoulder Screws - Stainless Steel (A2)

Accu Product Code (APC): SSH-M3-10-A2
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M3 (3mm) x 10mm x 4mm AMPG Socket Shoulder Screws - Stainless Steel (A2) Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Head Diameter (D)
Head Length (H)
Hexagon Across Flats (J)
Manufacturing Standard
Not Standardised
Stainless Steel (A2)
Material Specification
A2 Stainless Steel
Metric and Imperial?
Screw Thread Pitch
Shoulder Diameter (d)
Shoulder Length (L)
Thread Length (E)
Thread Size (T)
M3 (3mm)
Tolerance - General
Tolerance - Length
Tolerance - Shoulder Dia.

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M3 (3mm) x 10mm x 4mm AMPG Socket Shoulder Screws - Stainless Steel (A2) Description

The M3 (3mm) x 10mm x 4mm AMPG Socket Shoulder Screws - Stainless Steel (A2) has the following features:

  • M3 (3mm) Thread Size (T)
  • 3mm Head Length (H)
  • Not Standardised Manufacturing Standard
  • 4mm Thread Length (E)
  • 10mm Shoulder Length (L)
  • Stainless Steel (A2) Material
  • A2 Stainless Steel Material Specification
  • 0.5mm Screw Thread Pitch
  • +0/-0.025mm Tolerance - Shoulder Dia.
  • +/-0.13mm Tolerance - General
  • Natural Finish
  • 6mm Head Diameter (D)
  • 4mm Shoulder Diameter (d)
  • Metric Metric and Imperial?
  • +0.05/-0mm Tolerance - Length
  • 2mm Hexagon Across Flats (J)

Discover more about the Metric Socket Shoulder Screws range.

Metric Socket Shoulder Screws feature an unthreaded shoulder below the head, which provides this type of screw with the versatility to be used in a number of applications and industries. Accu’s standard range of Socket Shoulder Screws are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 7379 standard. 

The hexagon socket drive featured on Shoulder Screws is designed for use with Accu’s ranges of Socket Drive Bits and Hexagon Socket Key Wrenches.

Shoulder Screw applications can include bearings pins, die/punch works, pulley shafts or any shaft where accurate rotary movement is a necessity. These components are commonly used alongside Eye Bolts as a versatile mounting method.

Our standard Socket Shoulder Screws are also available in a knurled variant for operation by hand. These can be found in Accu's Knurled Socket Shoulder Screws.

Premium Socket Shoulder Screws

For a premium, high-precision socket shoulder bolt, available in standard, knurled, low and ultra low head types, Accu also stocks AMPG Shoulder Screws, which are manufactured from DFARS compliant materials.

Low Profile Socket Shoulder Screws

Accu also supplies a reduced-head (low profile) versions of this product in the Low Head Socket Shoulder Screws range and for extra low heads, we offer an Ultra Low Head Socket Shoulder Screw range.

Shoulder Screw Manufacture Process

Accu's Precision Socket Shoulder Screw ranges are unique in that they are manufactured in just one process, which eliminates the need for any secondary operations such as thread rolling, slot cutting or drive broaching. By manufacturing these components in a single operation, we can ensure that our Shoulder Screws are manufactured to the highest levels of concentricity. This process allows Accu's Shoulder Screws to be manufactured to a a very tight tolerance of +/-0.025mm.

Socket Shoulder Screw Materials

Socket Shoulder Screws can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, including A2 Stainless Steel and 416 Stainless Steel. Other Shoulder Screw materials available are Aluminium, Brass, Phosphor Bronze and PEEK. Additional features such as Chemical Blackening and Thread Locking Patches are also available as standard for Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws.

12.9 Hardened Steel Shoulder Screws are also available as part of this range. Hardened Steel Shoulder Bolts are specially designed to endure high levels of mechanical stress.

Metric Socket Shoulder Screws

Socket Shoulder Screws are available in metric thread diameters of between M3 and M12, with shoulder diameters of between 4.00mm and 16.00mm. Shoulder Lengths from 4.00mm and 120.00mm are also available.

Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws

Imperial Socket Shoulder Screws are available from Accu in thread diameters from No. 4 up to 3/8 inch are available as standard, with shoulder lengths of between 1/8 inch up to 1.1/2 inch.

Custom Manufactured Socket Shoulder Screws

Accu are able to manufacture Socket Shoulder Screws to exact customer specifications on request. If the exact component you require is not listed among our standard shoulder screw range, please Contact us or submit a technical drawing to MADEbyACCU to receive a quotation. Having a component manufactured to your own specifications is an excellent way to ensure peace of mind when incorporating Accu Socket Shoulder Screws into your assembly.

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