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HY Type Hypoid Gear Boxes.

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HY Type Hypoid Gear Boxes

What are HY Type Hypoid Gear Boxes?

Hypoid Gearboxes are marvels of engineering within our rotary components category. Featuring a unique gear set that operates on non-intersecting axes, hypoid gears allow for a more significant contact ratio, leading to smoother operation and greater torque transmission.

These gearboxes are distinguished by their ability to transfer motion and power between right-angled axes with unmatched efficiency. Their design incorporates a helical hypoid gear and pinion, which when combined, offer superior performance in compact spaces.

How Hypoid Gearboxes Work.

Designed for versatility, hypoid gearboxes are used across a spectrum of industries, from automotive to robotics. They excel in applications requiring right-angle drives and are ideal to be paired with our flexible shaft couplings upon installation.

The beauty of a hypoid gearbox lies in its ability to provide high torque output while maintaining a compact footprint. This makes them ideal for use in tight spaces where traditional gear systems might not fit. When installed, their offset shaft and spiral gear teeth design allows for superior contact for efficiently transferring torque resulting in a smooth, quiet operation, making them indispensable in precision-driven scenarios. They are somewhat of a middle ground between a worm & wheel gearbox and traditional bevel gearboxes.

What Material Hypoid Gearboxes Are Made From.

Our hypoid gearboxes are crafted from the finest materials to ensure durability and performance. The shell is made from high-strength aluminium, offering a lightweight yet robust housing for the gear system. Inside, the gears themselves are fashioned from carbon steel, known for its resistance to wear and corrosion. This combination of materials ensures that our hypoid gearboxes are not only efficient but also long-lasting, capable of withstanding the rigours of high-demand applications.

What Size and Type Hypoid Gearboxes Are Available.

At Accu, we understand that precision means personalisation. Our hypoid gearboxes come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit any application. With the smallest shaft diameter starting at 6mm and the largest at 12mm, coupled with gear ratios from 5:1 to 10:1, we've got the versatility to match your engineering project needs.


What's the difference between hypoid and helical gearboxes?.

The main difference lies in their design and functionality. Hypoid gearboxes feature gears with non-intersecting axes, allowing for more significant contact ratios and smoother power transmission at right angles. In contrast, helical gearboxes have intersecting axes and are known for their efficiency in parallel shaft applications.

What does HY type stand for?.

"HY" is an identifier for hypoid gearboxes, distinguishing them from other gear systems. It signifies their unique design and application, much like "WS" denotes worm and wheel gearboxes, highlighting the specific functionalities and advantages of each type.

How are hypoid gearboxes fixed into place?.

Hypoid gearboxes are typically mounted using cap head screws inserted into the counterbore mounting holes. These holes can also be tapped with a thread to facilitate a more lightweight installation. The mounting process is crucial for ensuring alignment and stability, allowing the gearbox to operate efficiently under various loads.

What maintenance do these hypoid gearboxes require?.

Maintenance for hypoid gearboxes involves regular lubrication to ensure smooth operation and prevent wear. It's also important to check for signs of wear or damage periodically and to replace any components as necessary to maintain optimal performance.

Bespoke HY Type Hypoid Gear Boxes Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of HY Type Hypoid Gear Boxes to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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