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Toolkits & Repair Tools

What are Toolkits & Repair Tools?

Accu stocks a selection of iFixit's high quality Toolkits & Repair Tools, all designed for fixing everything from small electronic devices to large appliances and even home repairs.

High Quality Tools For Precision Repairs.

iFixit has quickly become renowned for manufacturing high quality tools and repair kits for even the most precise repair work.

The ESD safe iFixit Precision Tweezer Set Pro is designed for precision picking and are particularly useful when picking up small screws. The 3 different tip types (angled, pointed and blunt) provide excellent coverage for picking up components with varying degrees of accessibility, whilst also helping to prevent accidental damage.

From the iOpener Kit - designed to help safely heat the adhesive seal for easier opening of screens on electronic devices - to the iFixit Prying And Opening Tool Assortment, iFixit's high quality tools can be bought separately and in kits - each featuring sleek and easy-to-open magnetised cases, with a sorting tray built-in for safely organising components.

Comprehensive Electronics Repair Kits.

Accu can supply the popular iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, designed for professional fixers and DIY hobbyists alike, this set pairs the versatility of the Mako 64-Bit Driver Kit with the ultimate high-performance repair tools of the Essential Electronics Toolkit.

iFixit Driver Bit Sets & Screwdriver Kits.

iFixit's Precision Drive Bit Kits and Screwdriver Sets perfectly compliment Accu's range of Precision Screws, with the Security Torx Screwdriver Set being a particularly popular solution. Each Driver Bit kit contains iFixit's renowned 4mm Aluminium Screwdriver Handle with magnetic bit socket, knurled grip and swivel top for maximum comfort and grip when installing and removing fasteners.

Quicker Repairs With Next Day UK Delivery.

Accu offers UK based support on our range of iFixit Toolkits and Repair Tools, with next day delivery available throughout the UK. More information on our delivery options for iFixit components, including AccuPro - our unlimited express delivery service - can be found on our delivery information page.

iFixit Lifetime Warranty.

All of the iFixit Tools and Toolkits available from Accu are backed by iFixit's Lifetime Warranty - meaning if anything breaks, we will replace it free-of-charge.

Bespoke Toolkits & Repair Tools Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Toolkits & Repair Tools to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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