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Silver Plating.

Accu can offer Silver Plating on a wide range of components. Silver is a preferable material choice for high-precision engineering for a variety of reasons.

Excellent Conductivity

Silver and Gold Plated fasteners are often used within the electronics industry for their superior electrical conductivity. These coatings are particularly useful within printed circuit boards and electrical connections.

Corrosion Resistance

Silver is highly resistant to corrosion, but can tarnish over time. Silver is suitable for use in humid environments, but for applications where tarnishing should be avoided, materials such as A4 Stainless Steel or Gold may be more suitable.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Silver is uniquely useful within the medical industry for its antibiotic properties. Silver ions prevent bacterial build-up by absorbing oxygen, which kills microbes, but is harmless to the human body.

Aesthetic Appeal

Silver is often used for its aesthetically pleasing appearance – this has led to silver plated fasteners being used heavily within jewellery, watches and decoration.

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