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What Are Thread Locking Patches?

What Are Thread Locking Patches? (And How Do They Prevent Screws From Loosening?) 

AccuLock thread locking patches are made from a threadlocker adhesive that chemically bonds the materials together to increase friction in order to resist loosening, vibrations and leakage. 

The AccuLock MEK nylon compound is pre-applied in a 360-degree finish to the internal or external thread of the components. When the stainless steel screw or bolt is installed, it locks the thread tightly into the substrate or the receiving thread to provide a self-locking and self-sealing mechanism. Accu stainless steel nuts are also available with the AccuLock thread locking finish to create a prevailing torque nut. 

Typical Applications of AccuLock Threadlock Patches 

There are several industries where AccuLock is used to help prevent threaded assemblies from loosening. This anti vibration thread lock compound is particularly used by high profile car manufacturers to help maintain tension and clamping force. For example, Accu stainless steel screws with AccuLock are used to connect critical parts that are exposed to vibration and temperature fluctuations.

Stainless steel machine screws with an AccuLock finish are used in the machinery industry to insulate against vibration caused by the lateral sliding motion between the fastener contact surfaces. Mechanical products, such as wire retainers and locking bolts have been developed to prevent the loosening of fasteners, however these are a more expensive method and they cannot prevent the lateral sliding motion that causes screws to work themselves loose. 

Another reason for the popularity of AccuLock in the CNC industry is that it allows for  adjustments to be made over time, which is common for precision components such as captive screws. In addition, Accu components with an AccuLock coating can be easily disassembled without the need for heat and reused up to five times.

Why Choose AccuLock Thread Locking Patches?

In addition to increasing the performance of crucial fastenings within a sub-assembly, the AccuLock patches prolong the life of the components by reducing thread wear and galling. AccuLock does not need any time to cure after installation because it is pre-applied in our UK factory to save time and labour costs for our customers.  

Our team of specialists accurately apply the chemical compound onto the thread to ensure an even and consistent 360-degree finish following our stringent quality control process. Care must be taken if you apply your own finish because a coating that is too thick can negatively affect the performance of the thread. 

Accu can supply locking nuts and several types of anti-vibration washers that can be used in conjunction with our stainless steel screws with AccuLock for further resistance to excessive vibration.