General Features of Accu's Trapezoidal Lead Screws and Nuts

AccuLeadScrews Trapezoidal Lead Screws are precision rolled. Our many years of experience in the precision engineering industry allow us to offer components of exceptional quality.


Steel used in Trapezoidal Lead ScrewsSurface Hardness After Rolling
EN 10084 C15E - 1.1141C15 Carbon SteelApp. 160/180 HB
EN 10083-2 1C45 - 1.0503C45 Carbon SteelApp. 250 HB
Inox A2 - AISI 304 -1.4301A2 Stainless SteelApp. 260 HB
Inox A4 - AISI 316 - 1.4401A4 Stainless SteelApp. 280 HB

C45 and A2 Stainless Steel were chosen because, after rolling, they provide excellent surface hardness and finish. Marine Grade A4 Stainless Steel has superior corrosion resistance. C15 is an excellent compromise between quality and price.

All materials are finished to less than 1 μm Ra.

Our Trapezoidal Lead Screws are precision rolled to provide highly accurate, well finished screws with very small friction coefficients - much lower than those obtainable with machined components. Our Trapezoidal Lead Screws, when coupled with Bronze Lead Screw Nuts, provide far superior efficiency, quietness, and smoothness than mechanisms using machined screws.

Because of their low friction coefficient, our Trapezoidal Lead Screws generate less heat than their machined counterparts, improving efficiency by limiting the amount of kinetic energy wasted by conversion into thermal energy.

Material Composition

Steel Used in NutsEN 10277-3 11SMnPb371.0737 Steel with Sulphur, Manganese and Lead
EN 10277-3 11SMn301.0715 Steel with Sulphur and Manganese
INOX A1 – AISI 3031.4305 Stainless Steel
Brass Used in NutsEN 12164 CW614NBrass
Bronze Used in NutsEN 1982 CuSn5Zn5Pb5-CCC491K Tin Bronze with Zinc and Lead 60-70 HB
EN 1982 CuSn7Zn4Pb7-CCC493K Tin Bronze with Zinc and Lead 65-75 HB
EN 1982 CuSn12-CCC483K Aluminium Bronze 160-220 HB
EN 1982 CuAl11Fe6Ni6-CCC483K Aluminium Bronze 160-220 HB
Plastic Used in NutsPA 6 + Mo S2DIN 7728 Plastic
PA 6 + Mo S2DIN 7728 + Additives Self-Lubricating Plastic

Where it is not practical or desirable to lubricate Trapezoidal Lead Screws, Self-Lubricating Plastic Nuts are recommended.

It is not recommended to combine plastic nuts with machined screws.

Positioning Accuracy

AccuLeadScrews’ Trapezoidal Lead Screw range can achieve lead accuracies of up to 1.7 µm/mm, and can provide unparalleled precision in industries where misalignment by microns can be crucial.

Screw TypeLead Accuracy (µm/mm)
L-…-C453.3 (6.6*)

*Accuracy for diameters greater than 80 x 10

Lead Screw Straightness

AccuLeadScrews’ Trapezoidal Lead Screws are precision rolled for superior straightness.
The straightness of our products is ensured by a process in which the screw is rotated at its ends, and the deviation of the shaft’s middle point is recorded.

Lead screw straightness diagram.

The exceptional straightness and quality of AccuLeadScrews’ products ensures that a Lead Screw’s load will always remain central to its axis during operation, resulting in smooth transmission and greater accuracy. The precautions we take to provide our customers with superior components increase their precision, performance, and longevity.

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