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Our high-quality fasteners and components have earned us close relations with some of the most distinguished names in the automotive industry. Accu are proud to list Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover among our customers.


Accu are proud to have provided engineering services and high-precision components to a number of leading teams in motorsport racing. Our fasteners and actuation components are specifically designed for use in high-performance applications such as these, where every millisecond can be crucial.

Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering

Accu components are relied upon by a number of companies within the aerospace industry. Our components are uniform, reliable, and ultra-precise, all of which are crucial factors in a field where misalignment by microns can be critical.

Medical Research and Laboratory Automation

Accu fasteners and actuation components are currently used to create the precise and reliable movement required in laboratory centrifuges and automated pipette mechanisms. Our products play a role in ground-breaking medical research, from blood analysis and disease detection to DNA extraction and vaccine development. Our goal is to provide high-end precision components to play a part in the life-changing scientific breakthroughs of the future.


Our components have been utilised in a number of innovative prosthetic procedures, which are often vital to the life-changing rehabilitation of amputees. Our highly precise fasteners have been used in unpowered and animatronic limb replacements, and our precision actuation components have been used to provide realistic powered articulation in artificial limbs. We are proud that our components provide quality of life to less-abled individuals every day.

Defence Technology Development

Accu parts have been utilised in a variety of commercial and military defence applications, from state-of-the-art arms and service vehicles, to personal security and sporting goods. Our fasteners and components are relied upon to provide accuracy and reliability in applications where performance under extreme conditions is vital.

University Research and Development (R&D)

Accu components have been utilised in research projects by over 100 universities worldwide. Our high-precision fasteners and hardware have been used by those at the forefront of the scientific community, and we are proud to work with so many of the world's leading education, research and development organisations.

Industrial and Construction Applications

From high-precision engineering on a miniature scale, to the vital structural development of architecture projects, our components are used in an array of machinery and tools throughout the industrial sector. A number of our components are optimised for use in specific industrial applications, and our array of available fasteners materials adds versatility and adaptability to our expansive ranges.


Accu parts are utilised in power stations across the country every day, and are frequently involved in the development and operation of renewable energy solutions. Our high-precision components are also approved for use in some of the country’s most safe and secure nuclear fuel reprocessing sites.

3D Printing

Accu components play a key role in the revolutionary technology of 3D Printing. Our highly precise belt and pulley systems are ideal for 3D printing prototype models and products, and we are very excited by the possibilities of this versatile fabrication technology.

Consumer Electronics

Our components have been used by a number of leading electronics manufacturers to bring you reliable and innovative appliances. We supply a number of specialist components with electrical insulation properties for use alongside electronic equipment. Accu are proud to list Dyson, Philips, and Panasonic among our regular customers.

Offshore Drilling

Accu can provide highly resilient fasteners and fixings for use in even the most hostile environments. Our Bumax and A4 Stainless Steel ranges are specifically designed for use in marine environments, and have been utilised in a number of demanding offshore drilling applications.

Downhole Exploration

Our 12.9 Hardened Steel and Bumax components are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of downhole drilling. Our ability to provide reliable and resilient fastening solutions has made us the supplier of choice for multiple downhole exploration companies.

Consumer Applications

Despite our impressive range of high-profile professional clients, Accu products have been utilised in countless end-user applications. Our high-quality products have played a role in everything from automotive repair to model railways, and are ideal for industrial applications and private projects alike.


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