RoHS and REACh Compliance

REACh. RoHS & RoHS2 Compliance Statement

Directive 2011/65/EU-RoHS Recast

With the adoption of RoHS 3 in July 2019, Accu Limited can confirm REACh and RoHS compliance in accordance with the following information:

As a supplier directly & indirectly to the manufacturing sectors covered by the new regulations, Accu Limited confirm that:-

  • Stainless Steel products supplied by Accu Limited are classified in EN ISO 3506 Parts 1 to 4.
  • Passivation based on EN ISO 16048.
  • No prohibited substance is contained in the two standards defined: (EN ISO 3506 parts 1 to 4) and (EN ISO 16048).
  • Complimentary materials contained in our standard product ranges: plastic patch, nylon inserts, beryllium copper, etc. are compliant and do not contain any banned substance.
  • Accu Limited will offer RoHS compliant non stainless steel and plated items if this requirement is specified at point of enquiry.

We will maintain the requirement for our upstream suppliers and manufacturers to advise of any change on circumstance concerning prohibited substances.

Download a Copy Of This Statement

Download REACh and RoHS compliance document.

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