M8 x 65mm Plain Hexagon Bolts (DIN 931) - Thread Locking Stainless Steel (A2)


Key Features

  • M8 Metric Thread Size (8mm)
  • 1 Year Extended Warranty.
  • Free Technical Support From Our Engineers.
  • Custom Dimensions Available Through Our Custom Manufacture Service.
  • Thread Size (T): M8 (8mm)
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M8 x 65mm Plain Hexagon Bolts (DIN 931) - Thread Locking Stainless Steel (A2) Technical Specification

M8 x 65mm Plain Hexagon Bolts (DIN 931) - Thread Locking Stainless Steel (A2) Drawing
FinishThread Locking
General Tolerance+/-0.13mm
Hexagon Length (H)5.15mm
Hexagon Width A/F (J)13mm
Hexagon Width A/P (P)14.38mm
Length (L)65mm
Manufacturing StandardDIN 931
MaterialStainless Steel (A2)
Metric or Imperial?Metric
Screw Material SpecificationStainless Steel (A2)
Thread Length [Min] (E)22mm
Thread Size (T)M8 (8mm)

Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity Included
Certificate of Conformity Included
RoHS Certified
RoHS Certified
REACH Certified
REACH Certified
Quality Approved

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M8 x 65mm Plain Hexagon Bolts (DIN 931) - Thread Locking Stainless Steel (A2) Description

The M8 x 65mm Plain Hexagon Bolts (DIN 931) - Thread Locking Stainless Steel (A2) has the following features:

  • M8 (8mm) Thread Size (T)
  • DIN 931 Manufacturing Standard
  • 65mm Length (L)
  • 5.15mm Hexagon Length (H)
  • Stainless Steel (A2) Material
  • 1.25mm Pitch
  • Stainless Steel (A2) Screw Material Specification
  • 22mm Thread Length [Min] (E)
  • Thread Locking Finish
  • 14.38mm Hexagon Width A/P (P)
  • +/-0.13mm General Tolerance
  • Metric Metric or Imperial?
  • 13mm Hexagon Width A/F (J)

Discover more about the Metric Plain Hexagon Bolts range.

Plain Hexagon Bolts feature a standard hexagonal head, and are ideal for heavy-duty fastening applications. All components within this range are precision rolled to achieve general tolerances of +/-0.13mm. Plain Hexagon Bolts are designed for use alongside Accu’s Hexagon Nuts ranges.

As Hexagon Bolts are generally used with unthreaded holes, Plain Hexagon Bolts feature an unthreaded shank below the Bolt's head. The absence of a thread on this section of the Bolt results in a stronger, more uniform shaft, making the entire fastening more resistant to vibration and shear forces when the unthreaded portion is inserted into a correctly sized hole. In these applications, Hexagon Bolts function similarly to a Dowel.

The minimum thread length of each Bolt is defined on each individual product page. Fully Threaded Hexagon Bolts are also available.


Components within this range are available in a wide range of materials, including A2, A4 and A4-80 Stainless Steel, BUMAX, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Polyamide and PEEK. Additional features such as Thread Locking Patches and Chemical Blackening are also available on Accu’s Stainless Steel Bolts.


Metric Plain Hexagon Bolts manufactured according to DIN 931, and are available in diameters ranging from M5 up to M20. Lengths of between 25.00mm and 600.00mm are also available as standard. Non-Standard sizes are available on request.


Imperial Plain Hexagon Bolts are available in thread diameters ranging from ¼ inch up to 1 inch, and lengths of between 1.1/4 inch and 20 inch. These components are manufactured to ANSI B18.2.1. Additional sizes are also available on request.

Shipping Information

Shipping Destinations:Worldwide.
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Component History

Product First Available:Sunday, June 28, 2015
Stock Last Updated:10:33 pm
Sunday, January 16, 2022
Specification Last Updated:Sunday, January 16, 2022

APC / Barcodes

APC (Accu Product Code):SEB-M8-65-A2-R360
EAN13 (International Article No.):5057195501756
ASIN (Amazon Stock Identification No.):ASIN not defined.