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51.7mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE
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51.7mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE


Key Features

  • Maximum Outside Diameter (OD): 51.7mm
  • Minimum Outside Diameter (Od): 50.0mm
  • Maximum Inside Diameter (ID): 49.4mm
  • Minimum Inside Diameter (Id): 46mm
  • Material: LDPE
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51.7mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE Technical Specification

51.7mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE Drawing
Flange diameter (F)60.9mm
Material SpecificationLow Density Polyethylene
Maximum Inside Diameter (ID)49.4mm
Maximum Outside Diameter (OD)51.7mm
Minimum Inside Diameter (Id)46mm
Minimum Outside Diameter (Od)50mm
Overall Height (H)19.1mm

Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity Included
Certificate of Conformity Included
RoHS Certified
RoHS Certified
REACH Certified
REACH Certified
Quality Approved

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51.7mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE Description

The 51.7mm x 50.0mm Heavy Duty Plugs - Red-LDPE has the following features:

  • LDPE Material
  • Low Density Polyethylene Material Specification
  • Red Finish
  • 60.9mm Flange diameter (F)
  • 19.1mm Overall Height (H)
  • 51.7mm Maximum Outside Diameter (OD)
  • 50.0mm Minimum Outside Diameter (Od)
  • 49.4mm Maximum Inside Diameter (ID)
  • 46mm Minimum Inside Diameter (Id)

Discover more about the Heavy Duty Plugs range

Heavy Duty Plugs are part of Accu's range of Screw Caps. They can be used for plugging and capping applications to protect them from damage and contamination. They are made from LDPE and they are designed to be pushed on by hand for a quick installlation process. 


White LDPE 

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Component History

Product First Available:Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Stock Last Updated:07:39 am
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Specification Last Updated:Tuesday, October 26, 2021

APC / Barcodes

APC (Accu Product Code):HHDC-51.7-50-LDPE-R
EAN13 (International Article No.):5057195778462
ASIN (Amazon Stock Identification No.):ASIN not defined.