Lead Screw Galling

Galling is a form of adhesive wear caused between two or more contacting or sliding surfaces. Galling occurs when cold welds form between two surfaces, which can, in extreme cases, cause adjacent materials to permanently fuse together. This problem is particularly common when two similar grades of materials are used - similar materials, with similar crystalline structures, are prone to fuse together over time and under heavy use. Galling can occur in almost all components, but in the case of Lead Screws, a wide range of design and operational precautions can be taken to prevent galling:

Similar Materials

Galling between similar materials occurs when two similarly formed crystal structures come into contact. These similar structures interlink, and form cold welds, resulting in the permanent fusing of components over time. This type of galling is easily prevented by using different grades of Steel within a Lead Screw mechanism. For instance, using a Stainless Steel Lead Screw with a Stainless Steel Nut can increase the chance of galling issues, but using a Carbon Steel Lead Screw with a Bronze Nut greatly reduces the likelihood of galling.

Low-Quality Lead Screws and Nuts

Low-quality Lead Screws with rough threads can greatly increase the chance of galling, and will reduce efficiency and increase mechanical wear in general. AccuGroup's Trapezoidal Lead Screws are precision rolled to achieve smooth, strong, and well-finished surfaces, ensuring quality and absolute precision.

Damaged Threads

Similarly to low-quality Lead Screws, faulty Lead Screws with damaged threads can cause galling, and will reduce efficiency and increase wear. Damaged Lead Screws should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Inadequate Lubrication

Proper lubrication can alleviate galling issues in Lead Screws, but must often be periodically reapplied. Self-lubricating components such as AccuGroup's Nylon Lead Screw Nuts can reliably prevent this issue over long periods of time.

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