AccuLeadScrews is a subsidiary of AccuGroup, specialising in the sale and manufacture of ultra-precise linear actuation Lead Screws and Lead Screw Nuts. Precision Lead Screws translate rotary motion into linear motion, and are ideal for applications requiring very high accuracy and low backlash.

AccuLeadScrews components are manufactured through a specialist rolling process, which allows us to achieve precise standard lead accuracies of 0.00025mm/mm and 0.0001mm/mm on request. In addition to precise leads, our manufacturing methods also offer improved repeatability compared to conventional cutting or grinding methods. Our ACME Lead Screw range offers excellent lead accuracies, with the added benefit of being compatible with all standard ACME threaded components with a thread profile of 29°.

AccuLeadScrews’ popular self-lubricating TFE coatings offer reduced friction, increased operational life and improved efficiencies over uncoated Precision Lead Screws. All of our Precision Lead Screws can be custom manufactured with non-standard modification on request, ensuring that AccuLeadScrews components are fully compatible with your application.

AccuLeadScrews’ skilled design engineering team has years of experience supplying precision mechanical components to a variety of markets worldwide. We can assist in the design and manufacture of lead screw end modifications to ensure the customer has complete peace of mind when integrating Lead Screw components into their assembly.

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