Thread Locking Patches

AccuGroup can offer Thread Locking Patches on many of our Stainless Steel fasteners. Resin Thread Locking Patches increase the friction between threaded surfaces, increasing resistance to vibration, loosening, and leakage. Resin Locking Patches can very useful in increasing the effectiveness and longevity of crucial fastenings within a sub-assembly.

Versatile Thread Locking Solution

Our Resin Thread Locking Patches are suitable for use in a variety of applications, and are not limited to use in screw threads. Resin Locking Patches can prevent vibration and resist loosening on Couplings, Rivets, and Dowel Pins.

Increased Screw Life

Resin Locking Patches are designed to insulate fasteners against vibrations, and can help to reduce thread wear and galling.

Non-fusing solution

Thread Locking Patches do not fuse with other threads after installation, and do not degrade metal, wood, or the majority of plastic housings. This makes these coatings ideal for applications requiring removal or readjustment.


Resin Locking Patches are durable, and suitable for reuse up to 5 times. Reusable Thread Locking Patches are particularly useful on components such as Captive Screws, which are specifically designed to be removed when necessary. Coatings are also unreactive in air, meaning that coated components can be kept in storage for extensive periods of time.

Environmentally Friendly

Thread Locking Patches are made from non-ozone depleting chemicals, which are CFC free, and do not harm the environment.

Multiple Colours

Resin Locking Patches are available in a variety of distinct colours on request, making them ideal for quick inspection and identification.

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