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What are Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts?
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    Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts

    What are Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts?

    Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts feature a specially designed thread profile which distributes tensile stress along the thread of the entire nut, causing this component to lock when tightened. This unique design increases load-bearing capabilities, and enhances the gripping strength of the nut. These properties, combined with the mechanical properties of Bumax Stainless Steel, create a very durable fastener, suitable for heavy-duty applications.


    Bumax Stainless Steel is known as one of the strongest and most resilient grades of Stainless Steel in the world. Bumax 88 has a minimum tensile strength of 800N/mm², low magnetic permeability, and excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.


    Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts are manufactured in metric thread sizes of between M6 and M12.

    Bespoke Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts Manufacture

    High precision, bespoke manufacture of Bumax Flanged Locking Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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