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What are Bevel Gears?
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Bevel Gears

What are Bevel Gears?

Bevel Gears are sold in pairs, and are pitched, to allow for the conversion of gear speeds through an angled drivetrain. These components are available in a variety of ratios, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. A helical variant of these gears is also available, and can be found in AccuGroup’s Spiral Bevel Gears range.

Bevel Gears can be precisely spaced using supporting components such as Spacers or Shim Washers.


Bevel Gears are manufactured in a variety of materials, including Mild Steel, and engineering plastics such as Delrin 500 and Hostaform C.

Bevel Gear Sizing

Components in this range are compliant with Gleason industry standards, and are available in pitches of between 0.5 MOD and 5 MOD, and in ratios ranging from 2 to 3.

Bespoke Bevel Gears Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Bevel Gears to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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