Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts

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What are Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts?
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    M36 Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts - 4mm Pitch (DIN 985) - Zinc Plated Grade 8 Carbon Steel

    Thread SizeM36 (36mm)
    Nut Width A/F (J) [Max]55mm
    Total Thickness (L) [Max]36mm
    MaterialGrade 8 Carbon Steel
    FinishZinc Plated
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    Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts

    What are Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts?

    Nylon Locking Nuts (also called Nyloc Nuts or Nylocks) are a type of self locking nut, fitted with a polymer insert. The elastic Nylon insert of this component fits tightly against the fastener, and is designed to resist loosening.

    Nylon Lock Nut Variants 

    High Nylon Locking Nuts are an elongated variant of this component, which allow for greater thread contact and more secure fastenings.

    For applications in high temperature environments, or where an all-metal locking nut is preferred, Metal Locking Nuts are also available. For a premium metal locking nut solution, please see Accu's Aerotight Locking Nuts range.

    Our range of Flanged Nylon Locking Nuts and Serrated Nylon Locking Nuts are also available for applications requiring greater distribution of load pressure without the need for a separate washer.


    The metal section of a Nylon Locking Nut can be manufactured from A2 and A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel as well as Grade 8 and Grade 10 Carbon Steel. Hot Dip Galvanised and Zinc Plated finishes are available on the Carbon Steel Nylocs, with these treatments helping to offer improved corrosion resistance.

    Metric Nylon Locking Nuts

    Metric Nylon Locking Nuts are manufactured according to DIN 985, and are available in metric sizes of between M1.6 and M48.

    For imperial options, please see our Imperial Nylon Locking Nuts.

    Bespoke Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts Manufacture

    High precision, bespoke manufacture of Hexagon Nylon Locking Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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