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AccuScrews is the original subsidiary of Accu, founded in 2011, which specialises in the sale and bespoke manufacture of Precision ScrewsNuts, and various high-precision Hardware.

The AccuScrews range has grown to include over 250,000 standard fastener products, including widely used components such as Cap Head Screws and Wood Screws, and more specialist components such as Captive Screws and Shoulder Screws.

AccuScrews also specialises in the development and manufacture of fasteners and hardware for use in complex sub-assemblies. We supply a wide selection of precision engineering components to a diverse range of market sectors around the world. Our bespoke manufacture service can be used to provide specialised components, custom built for customer applications.

AccuScrews’ design engineering team has years of experiencing providing ideal, custom-manufactured components to customers, and is available Monday-Friday to assist with any enquiries.


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M2 x 5mm Round Head Groove Pins (DIN 1476) - A1 Stainless Steel

Metric or Imperial?Metric
Diameter 1 (D)M2 (2mm)
Length (L)5mm
Head Diameter (K)3.70mm - 3.30mm
MaterialA1 Stainless Steel
$0.35 / each.
Up to 114,000 15 Days

406mm Heavy Duty Hanging Cinch Straps - Black Polyamide

Circumference Of Hose Bundles406mm
Standard / Heavy DutyHeavy Duty
Material SpecificationPolyamide
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Manufactured For Your Order 90 Days
Save Up To 47%

19mm x 9mm Quarter Turn Rivets, Reduced Flange - Black POM

Meric or Imperial?Metric
Head Diameter (D)19mm
Head Height (H)Enquire
Anchor Length (L)Enquire
$0.49 / each.
Up to 800 2 Days
More than 800 26 Days

108mm x 100mm Industrial Castor With Swivel Plate - Stainless Steel Housing With Black Phenolic...

Wheel Diameter (D)80mm
Wheel Width (C)35mm
Approximate Load Capacity100Kg
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Manufactured For Your Order 50 Days
Save Up To 73%

M6 x 80mm Slotted Pan Head Screws (DIN 85) - Stainless Steel (A2)

Thread Size (T)M6 (6mm)
Thread Length (L)80mm
Head Diameter (D)12mm
MaterialStainless Steel (A2)
$1.40 / each.
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Up to 19,614 1 Day
More than 19,614 90 Days
Save Up To 46%

9.5mm x 4.4mm x 25.4mm Spacers - Light Grey PVC

Outside Diameter (D)9.5mm
Inside diameter (B)4.4mm
Length (L)25.4mm
FinishLight Grey
$0.40 / each.
Up to 7,000 2 Days
More than 7,000 26 Days
Save Up To 84%

No.7 (3.9mm) x 7/8 inch Phillips Self Tapping Raised Countersunk Screws (DIN 7983C H) - Stainless...

Thread SizeNo.7 (3.9mm)
Nominal Length7/8 inch
Head Diameter (D)7.5mm
MaterialStainless Steel (A2)
$0.27 / each.
Get up to 200 Express Stock
Up to 800 1 Day
Up to 38,800 15 Days

1.3/8-12 UNF Imperial Hexagon Nuts (ANSI B18.2.2) - Marine Stainless Steel (A4)

Thread Size1.3/8-12
Nut Width A/F (F)2.062 inch
Nut Thickness (T)1.260 inch
MaterialMarine Stainless Steel (A4)
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Manufactured For Your Order 20 Days

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