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What are Spiral Wrap Hose Protection?
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    Compatible Hose Diameter
    Wrapping Range
    Pitch Length
    Wall Thickness
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    Compatible Hose Diameter12mm
    Wrapping Range12-15mm
    Pitch Length12mm
    Wall Thickness1.5mm

    $15.90 / each.
    Up to 35 5 Days
    More than 35 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter16mm
    Wrapping Range15-18mm
    Pitch Length15mm
    Wall Thickness2mm

    $15.90 / each.
    Up to 9 5 Days
    More than 9 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter20mm
    Wrapping Range19-25mm
    Pitch Length18mm
    Wall Thickness2.5mm

    $18.47 / each.
    Manufactured For Your Order 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter25mm
    Wrapping Range23-29mm
    Pitch Length21mm
    Wall Thickness2.5mm

    $23.21 / each.
    Up to 2 5 Days
    More than 2 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter32mm
    Wrapping Range30-37mm
    Pitch Length23mm
    Wall Thickness3mm

    $31.92 / each.
    Up to 5 5 Days
    More than 5 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter42mm
    Wrapping Range39-47mm
    Pitch Length25.5mm
    Wall Thickness3.5mm

    $40.96 / each.
    Up to 24 5 Days
    More than 24 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter50mm
    Wrapping Range46-55mm
    Pitch Length27mm
    Wall Thickness3.5mm

    $72.06 / each.
    Up to 31 5 Days
    More than 31 20 Days

    Compatible Hose Diameter74mm
    Wrapping Range68-70mm
    Pitch Length29mm
    Wall Thickness4.4mm

    $180.26 / each.
    Up to 2 5 Days
    More than 2 20 Days

    Spiral Wrap Hose Protection

    What are Spiral Wrap Hose Protection?

    Spiral Wrap Hose Protection is a spiral wrap that is designed to maximise protection against abrasion. These hose wraps are part of Accu's extensive range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic protection components. These wrap covers dramatically increase hose servicable life. Reducing the cost of repairs and downtime while increasing operator safety. Made from black modified polypropylene.


    Bespoke Spiral Wrap Hose Protection Manufacture

    High precision, bespoke manufacture of Spiral Wrap Hose Protection to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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