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    Battery TypeCR2032
    ANSI/NEDA Classification5004LC
    Nominal Voltage3V
    Typical Capacity225mAh
    Chemical CompositionLithium

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    Battery TypeLR44
    ANSI/NEDA Classification1166A
    Nominal Voltage1.5V
    Typical Capacity150mAh
    Chemical CompositionAlkaline

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    Battery TypeSR44
    ANSI/NEDA Classification1107SO
    Nominal Voltage1.55V
    Typical Capacity200mAh
    Chemical CompositionSilver Oxide

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    Battery TypeLR1
    ANSI/NEDA Classification910A
    Nominal Voltage1.5V
    Typical Capacity800mAh
    Chemical CompositionAlkaline


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